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Nation's First 'Bud and Breakfast' to Open in Denver

Nation's First 'Bud and Breakfast' to Open in Denver

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Guests will have access to marijuana and marijuana edibles

If 'Bud and Breakfast' is a success, The MaryJane Group, Inc plans to open more locations.

A company that will soon be called The MaryJane Group, Inc. plans on taking the bed and breakfast concept to a whole new level for Denver visitors interested in Mile High tourism — emphasis being on “high.” In the wake of Colorado’s recent legalization of recreational marijuana, the company has signed a one-year lease with the Adagio Bed and Breakfast with designs on turning the Victorian-era house into the country’s first ever “Bud and Breakfast.”

In a press release reported by Business Wire, the group stated their “concept is to provide our guests with a complete, all-inclusive package where they can enjoy the marijuana lifestyle without having a care in the world.” This will include a chef preparing gourmet food and drink, luxury transportation within Denver, and several varieties of marijuana and marijuana edibles.

Since marijuana has been legalized in Colorado, the state has seen an explosion in the legal marijuana industry that has included everything from marijuana vending machines to weed-infused foods like candies, cookies, and deserts. If Bud and Breakfast succeeds, the company plans on expanding their operation to other locations in Colorado.

Adam D’Arpino is the Restaurants Editor at The Daily Meal. Follow him on Twitter @AdamDArpino.

The Coolest Weed Experiences Worth Traveling To Right Now

Prior to legalization, cannabis was still a major part of many people’s lifestyles. It’s not like edibles and tinctures and the like are anything new. But the risk of jail time certainly kept it behind closed doors, making only occasional public appearances in a chill park or concert. However, now there are dozens of opportunities to work your weed habit into legally endorsed pursuits in some of the coolest cities in the country.

We’ve gathered a list of a dozen activity categories and highlighted a standout in every entry. Please know that though we may be writing about doing a sun salutation in rainy Portland, Oregon, chances are you can also find a class to enlighten you in snowy Denver, CO, too. So, we hope that you’ll get inspired and head to a search engine to sleuth out opportunities closer to you. Or plan a visit to one of the cities listed and make the most of a posh hotel and catered event. After all, what could be better than taking a trip that not only respects but encourages your love of weed?

Take A Yoga Class

Since 2009, author Dee Dussault has been leading people through Ganja Yoga classes in over 15 North American cities (Including: Oakland and Los Angeles, CA and Gig Harbor, WA). They often have specific themes, think women’s tantra and slow flow wake and bake. But regardless of the particular bent the sessions take, the basics are the same: use some cannabis, do some yoga. And because students are in an enhanced mind space during all of the posing and stretching, the classes tend to be a bit slower and more guided than a traditional class so no worries about it being beyond your ability. They’re beginner friendly.

If you are looking to get blissed out by doubling up on relaxation practices, this is for you. Plus, imagine the amazing meal you’d have after getting high AND a good workout. This couldn’t be a better appetizer if it tried.

Pump It Up At The Gym

Cannabis + Fitness = Natural Therapy

A post shared by Manav Shah (@thebrownguylife) on Jun 23, 2018 at 1:02pm PDT

If yoga isn’t your speed, but you still want to tap into some endorphins via a solid workout, the world’s first cannabis gym, Power Plant Fitness, in San Francisco may be exactly what you need. Focused on integrative full body and mind training, the gym has spaces for cannabis use. It even offers its own line of edibles made for pre-workout focus and post-workout recovery. This isn’t a place to get completely stoned and couchlocked on a stationary bike. On the contrary, the gym’s founders fully believe that a little cannabis incorporated into your fitness routine can keep you motivated, ease discomfort, and allow you to focus more fully on your body.

If you are tired of hitting the vape before you head to your gym, you definitely need to get in on the athletic side of cannabis. Plus, given the relative newness of legalized cannabis, getting to toke up in a gym is, in itself, pretty rad.

Vacation At A Grow Operation

We know that a person who uses weed is no more likely to want to help grow it than a person who drinks beer is to want to brew it. But there are always those enthusiasts who truly want to throw down and get in on the production of the intoxicants they love so well. If you are one of these people, there are a ton of grow operations who also host guests. This is the chance to live your cannabis fantasies in relative comfort. For example, Farmhouse Enlightenment in California is an organic, sun-grown business with a brand-new cabin where guests can stay when they aren’t out working alongside the growers or soaking in an outdoor tub. And you get to do it all while using some of the choice bud being harvested on the property.

These sorts of hosts are generally anxious to give you the trip of your dreams — which can mean they load up on the amenities or connect with other business owners in the area to craft a one-of-a-kind travel package. When you find a grow operation with services that interest you be sure to communicate with the owners and really work with them to shape a freaking awesome dream vacay.

Get Cooking

On of the coolest things a cannabis user can experience is an event catered by a chef who incorporates weed into a series of fine dining courses. It is a million times cooler than a sommelier creating a flight for a gourmet meal (although that’s pretty awesome as well). And, with the growing popularity of cannabis cookery, there are more and more chances to dine that way. Taking a cannabis cooking class not only allows you to taste multiple dishes and have facetime with the culinary genius behind the recipe, it lets you become a culinary genius in your own right. Aren’t you swanky?

There are a fair number of these classes and one great example is Stir Cooking School in Denver. They’re offering a class every Sunday starting this winter. During the two-and-a-half-hour class you create three cannabis dishes. You also learn some cooking basics, like cannabis oil breakdown and decarboxylation. With these skills, you can build your culinary repertoire beyond brownies and Rice Crispy treats. Or you can just work on perfecting those.

Experience A Twist On The Classic B&B

Although it is a bit of a mouthful to say, the canna-lifestyle hospitality sector is booming, and that means a lot of people are trying to figure out how to capitalize on that. This includes designing and operating B&Bs, which seem a little quaint for a cool ass stoner but are actually a lot of fun.

Colorado has a jump on the rest of the country in this respect (because they’ve had legalized recreational cannabis for longer) and this is likely why they have hit such a homerun with their Bud+Breakfast concept. Maybe it’s our inner fat kid (or our outer fat adult) driving this, but we are totally charmed by their complimentary wake and bake breakfast complimentary beer and wine throughout the day bottomless mimosas 4:20 happy hour appetizers munchies all day and sweet treats in the evening. Hello, nurse.

Develop A Bespoke Travel Itinerary

If you aren’t finding cannabis travel packages that truly capture your imagination and rev your wanderlust, there are companies that will work with you to create all-inclusive packages with a hand-crafted itinerary. Outfits like Traveling Dab and My 420 Tours arrange flights, car rental, hotel reservations, tour tickets, food vouchers, cannabis activities, discounts, and product samples. Heck, they can even arrange sign language interpreters if you require one.

Traveling Dab runs focused chronic and coffee, beer and bud, and wine and weed packages. And My 420 Tours also offers some pre-designed packages if you want to try those out first to get a feel for the company. We suggest starting with the Sushi & Joint Rolling Class because that is cool af.

Experience A Cannabis Friendly Hotel

It’s not terribly difficult to find an Airbnb listing that accommodates cannabis users in states that have legalized recreational use. There are even weed-centric sites like The Travel Joint and Bud and Breakfast that are databases specifically for travelers who like to get high. But, there is a difference between being allowed to get high in a rented studio apartment or house and staying in an actual hotel designed to cater to your weed needs.

The Standard Hollywood and cannabis label Lord Jones formed a partnership in 2017 that led plans to open the nation’s first dispensary located inside of a hotel. This year, they began providing CBD-infused gummies in the minibar. Now, these aren’t going to get you high, but they will make your body feel better and improve your sleep. And if you need something with a little THC, you just head down to the onsite boutique (which will open this fall), and grab some chocolates or gummies with a little extra kick.

Have A Few Cannabis Cocktails

We do have a small but important caveat about cannabis cocktails: the ones you get in a bar will be made with CBD and not THC. We think that’s a sizable bummer, but we understand that present laws make assisting customers to get crossfaded difficult. So the bars that are making inroads toward that goal have our full support. Plus, if we want to make some heavy duty cannabis cocktails of our own, there is a great book to help the home stoner bartender, and we highly (hah!) recommend it.

However, if you want to go out and enjoy some awesome mixology, there are bars doing good work, CBD or not. Head to Flore in San Francisco for their 4:20 Happy Hour and swig down a Cinnamon Kissed Cherry (cinnamon whiskey, cherry heering, angostura bitters, cherry bitters, pineapple juice, lemon juice, and OG Kush CBD) and dig into the munchies menu. They even serve CBD beer like Tokeback Mountain. Alternatively, head south to San Diego, where the fine bartenders at Madison on Park can whip you up a Mr. Nice Guy with mezcal, matcha, pineapple, coconut milk, lime, and CBD oil. You even get it served with a hemp leaf for garnish.

Attend A Truly Original Event

If you want your trip to LA to be both a little whimsical and a little bougie, get thee to a White Rabbit High Tea Party — where the prim attention to detail of Martha Stewart Living and the current cannabis craze meet. These salons are a place for whimsy to be fueled by THC-infused fruit leather, finger sandwiches, and wicked cool goodie bags. Attendees don fanciful hats and costumery, play-acting at adulthood through the eyes of precocious children, and sit down to a table of interesting co-conspirators in the sort of event you talk about for a lifetime. We are talking china and calligraphic name cards at each seat as the setting for an array of vape pens and infused treats.

Engage In High Fine Dining

You know how we mentioned the deep and abiding awesomeness of a catered cannabis affair earlier? Well, now is when we turn the spotlight on them. There are a few groups taking fine dining up a notch via renowned chefs and the infusion of cannabis. In a lot of cases, you can hire them for weddings and other events, but we are partial to the fabulous events they throw for themselves. At these magical parties, you can meet and engage with a variety of rad stoners in a cool locale. High Dining out of California hosts the Moonlit Movable Feast in Joshua Tree, and it is the epitome of everything an event like this can be.

The event only takes place on the full moon, when diners gather outside in Joshua Tree to find themselves surrounded by art in a wealth of forms, including live glass blowing, performers, musicians, and installations. Then, you get right into a culinary cannabis exploration with cocktails before a multi-course meal (past menu items included, winter squash soup with sage-infused cannabis oil and roasted chicken breast with infused pomegranate salsa). Expect your high to be complemented by sound baths and live music. This is part festival, part five-star dining, and all awesome.

Take An Art Class

We know you have scoffed at those classes where you drink wine and paint trees because you think they are for soccer moms and old people. But we assure you that places like Puff, Pass, and Paint are for everyone and they are a damn good time. You are provided with an 11吊-inch canvas and all the supplies you need — which means you don’t have to spend hundreds getting everything you want to get high and paint at home. Plus, the use of cannabis is totally encouraged, so bring your vape pen, bong, and/or edibles to the space and work alongside fellow stoners under the tutelage of an established landscape painter named Heidi Keyes. She is super fun.

Classes are held in Seattle, WA Portland, OR and Denver, CO, so this is a west coast thing. If you are an east coaster, consider scheduling a class as part of a larger weed-focused itinerary. You won’t regret it. And, if painting doesn’t do it for you, some locations also hold puff and pass pottery or needlepoint.

A marijuana entrepreneur brings in over $1 million a year running a ɻud and breakfast' hotel

Happy hour at the Bud+Breakfast inn smells funkier than most. At 4:20, guests pile into the living area for hors d'oeuvres and good company as they light up marijuana pipes and joints.

"What happens at this bed and breakfast doesn't happen anywhere else," Joel Schneider, owner of Colorado's Bud+Breakfast hotel, told Business Insider.

In 2016, Schneider brought in over $1 million managing the nation's first unabashedly pot-friendly hotel (and two locations no longer in operation). Guests ages 21 to 80 have traveled across the country, coming from mostly prohibition states, to toke legally and among like-minded enthusiasts.

After his children graduated college in 2014, Schneider, a former attorney, came to Colorado with the intention of opening a marijuana business that didn't involve growing or selling the plant. He visited radio stations, a glass-blowing factory, and tourism groups for inspiration.

At night, Schneider would stand in his hotel bathroom and blow weed smoke into the toilet bowl to hide the smell. It was an aha moment for the budding entrepreneur, who wondered why he had to be so discreet in a state where recreational marijuana had been legal since 2012. State law prohibits public use of marijuana, and most hotels ban the Schedule I drug.

Later in 2014, Schneider opened the first Bud+Breakfast in a six-bedroom Victorian home. The suites range from $299 to $399 a night, and a reservation includes complimentary "wake and bake" breakfasts, in which bacon, eggs, and waffles are served with a side of ganja.

There's a strict BYOC — bring your own cannabis — policy. While Schneider doesn't have a license to sell or distribute weed, he offers private spaces to consume it. Located in Denver's Capital Hill neighborhood, the inn is within walking distance of several dispensaries. A drug paraphernalia bar makes expensive vaporizers and roughly 200 pieces of glass, which can be pipes or bongs, accessible for people coming from states where such products are illegal.

With business going well, Schneider grew Bud+Breakfast from one location to three in 2016 — but the expansion did not go as planned. Later that year, he shuttered the newer inns when one property he leased was sold and the other saw only seasonal business. Revenues averaged $110,000 a month, according to an interview with CNBC. Schneider expects to make up the difference in 2017 by licensing the Bud+Breakfast name to other proprietors.

He can also count on repeat business, which makes up a significant chunk of revenue. Texas, a state where having a small amount of bud is illegal and can mean jail time, brings in more guests than any other state.

"They go home and they tell their friends, 'You can't believe what I did for the last three days,'" Schneider said.

Guest Comments

Kilburnie, the Inn at Craig Farm, is without doubt the finest B and B we have ever experienced, and we have been in very many! The setting, home and rooms, the food, and, most importantly, the Innkeeper Johannes, all combine to give an exceptional experience. There are just no other words to use. If you only ever go to just one Bed and Breakfast, stay there!
COL and Mrs. B. Hayward

What a wonderful time we had visiting your beautiful Kilburnie. We honestly can't believe what a stroke of luck it was to find you. Your gracious hospitality and warm welcome and care really made the experience even more special. The B&B is not only gorgeous and interesting, but so clean and comfortable - we felt at ease and relaxed. I'm so excited to share this experience with my parents and look very forward to giving them the gift certificate. We hope we will be back soon . and will have the opportunity to experience other seasons at Kilburnie. and more delicious breakfast recipes.

Mindy & Morris, Andrews, SC

The following reviews were copied from Bed and

The innkeeper has rescued and moved a beautiful old home from demolition. The results are incredible. It's beautiful and peaceful from the decor to the grounds. The rooms are well done with fireplaces, spa tubs, and Bose radios. There is not much to do in Lancaster but Charlotte and Columbia are about 45 minutes away and this makes an excellent central point. We are going back soon!

No detail was left undone. this is a historical gem set in the fabulous Old English District of South Carolina. Our host was knowledgeable, attentive and became a friend by the end of the weekend. The architecture and furnishings are beautiful and the breakfast is grand! Johannes' personal tour by golf cart of the 400 acre farm was a real treat. We'll make this a regular getaway.

My wife and I stayed at Kilburnie in 2004 and promised each other that we would get there again - and we finally made it back. Everything was as we remembered - Johannes and his warm hospitality, squeaky clean and impeccably appointed guest rooms, an elegant breakfast - just total relaxation.

After visiting many B and B's over many years, we rate Kilburnie one of the very best. We usually visit a B and B only once our recent stay at Kilburnie was our THIRD!! And we plan future visits. The facilities (meticulously restored and expanded historic home, exquisitely furnished), the artwork, the amenities (fireplaces in every room, hydro massage tubs, etc.), the pastoral setting (pastures, cattle, woods, well-marked trails, ponds, flowers, wildlife), Johannes-the attentive and caring innkeeper, and the delicious gourmet breakfasts, all combine to make this an unforgettable B and B experience.

Discovering this wonderful historic inn in my childhood hometown was such a surprise! The restoration and detail are beyond expectations. Famous local artist Jim Shore has paintings hanging in the inn. He also helped to restore the intricate moldings in the public rooms. Johannes Tromp makes each guest feel as though he were the honored guest at a family reunion. Bose music systems in each room welcome you home at the end of the day. You won't be sorry that you stayed at this inn. It is everything that you expect and hope for, and more.

We found Kilburnie purely by chance and it turned out to be the best experience of our mini-vacation. I would recommend Kilburnie to anyone without hesitation. We had a fireplace in both the bedroom and the bathroom, his and her pedestal sinks, whirlpool bath, exquisite linens and a very comfortable bed! Kilburnie is truly exceptional and the host, Johannes has unsurpassed hospitality skills. Well worth a visit!

Kilburnie gets our vote for the most outstanding B&B we have stayed in! All future choices have a lot to live up to by comparison. Johannes is a great host who makes you feel relaxed and special from the moment of arrival. Delicious breakfasts, beautiful details, total comfort and very, very clean. We will recommend and we will return!

Kilburnie is a beautiful old house situated in a relaxing and picturesque setting. The pictures on the website do not do justice to the property. It is by far the nicest B&B I have ever stayed in. I spent a relaxing weekend here with a group of friends and we were all really impressed with the quality of the accommodation. Johannes the manager is a wonderfully welcoming person and a great coo. He's full of local knowledge & only too happy to help. I wholeheartedly recommend a stay at Kilburnie to anyone who wants to experience Southern hospitality at its best!

I came across Kilburnie through this website and am still impressed at how excellent a choice I made through pure luck. Johannes is a consummate host and breakfast chef - one of the best breakfasts in my time in the US for sure. The accommodation is elegant and soooooo comfortable. I loved my early morning walk through the private wood, seeing the white tails of deer bounding away through the foliage. I recommend a stay at Kilburnie to anyone who is traveling anywhere near Lancaster - in fact, go out of your way to stay there.

I've stayed in B&B's all over the county and in a number of international ones as well and Kilburnie is my favorite. I discovered it last year when arranging a trip to Charlotte and liked it so much I went back later in the year. Johannes is an excellent innkeeper (when you discover his background you'll know why). He made me feel very welcome. His advice convinced me to detour a bit through South Carolina and now I have new friends there. Kilburnie is in a gorgeous setting and has a wonderful history, as does Craig Farm. I highly recommend a stay at Kilburnie!

As a group of friends we spent a weekend here taking all 5 of the wonderful rooms. Johannes the manager looked after us superbly with wonderful food, good advice & great stories of local life. The Inn is beautiful. It's an old house restored to its former glory in lovely setting. The rooms all have their own fire & whirlpool bath. The rocking chairs on the porch make for a relaxed place to chill out after a day exploring the local area & there's a downstairs sitting room to relax in too. Though the bedrooms are so nice that unless you're in a group like we were, you may not want to leave them. I'd definitely stay here again & will remember this place forever. I can't praise it too highly. The only downside is having to leave & go back to reality!

Such a wonderful place for my husband and I to have our wedding! Johannes was of the greatest help and so organized I completely trusted him with all the arrangements, even when it rained! I was so thrilled to be able to show this place to our relatives and friends and we had the best time.
Staying in Kilburnie is a delight. The breakfast is first class and such a unique experience. The whole place is immaculate but still feels like home. I cannot recommend this place highly enough! Thank you so much.

Johannes is such a wonderful innkeeper and host it's impossible to give this inn anything but an excellent rating. My husband and I have stayed there twice I'm looking for a reason to pass through Lancaster to stay again. The inn is beautiful the story of saving the structure is something you can't miss out on. All rooms are well appointed, our favorite is the Andrew Jackson room (engaged there on 2/14/03). This room features a gas fireplace in both the bedroom and spacious bathroom, the bathroom fireplace is right in front of the whirlpool. Breakfasts are something to look forward to. If you have a chance to stay here or Charlotte hotels, pick this inn. You won't be disappointed.

We have retuned from our stay at the Kilburnie Inn, at the Craig Farm, in Lancaster South Carolina. The magnificent undertaking of the restoration of this !9th century home into a B&B inn, has revitalized a home into a beautiful setting of South Carolina's upcountry. The accommodations were modern, yet the decor was in keeping with the era of splendor. The large rooms with comfortable furnishings, art works, a fireplace, and private bath which including the latest thermal message tub for relaxing ,are just a few of the reasons to return again and again.

Johannes Tromp, the Innkeeper, is a superb chef, grand host and a charming captivating conversationalist. The rates were very reasonable. The surrounding areas included many interesting sites and shopping opportunities. The Kilburnie Inn is one of South Carolina's unique and finest B&B's. We are certainly going to return and recommend a visit to persons who want to enjoy the elegance of a bygone era.

I wanted to let you know how much we enjoyed our stay at Kilburnie. From the moment we saw it from the road, we sensed we would have a wonderful stay and we weren't disappointed. The ambience of the house created by not only by its beautiful traditional architecture but also by the painstaking love and flair that has created its restored interior is just so relaxing and welcoming we felt immediately at home and could have rocked on the porch for many hours. You are a marvelous host and we so enjoyed seeing around the magnificent Craig Farm. Lastly, I should mention the delicious breakfast and the excellent route recommendation we saw one other car on the 21S - and if I hadn't know better I would have thought the Romans had built it!! We very much hope to see you again on a future journey up to North Carolina

We spent a long weekend here in the wonderful room at the top of the house though all of the other rooms looked nice. Johannes the manager looked after us superbly with wonderful food, good advice & great stories of local life. The Inn is beautiful. It's an old house restored to its former glory in lovely setting. The rooms all have their own fire & whirlpool bath. The rocking chairs on the porch make for a relaxed place to unwind after a day exploring the local area & there's a downstairs sitting room to relax in too. Though the bedrooms are so nice that you may not want to leave them. I'd definitely stay here again & will remember this place forever. I can't praise it too highly. The only downside is having to leave & go back to reality!

This was yet another wonderful stay. This being our third visit in the Walkup Suite. We spent our honeymoon, our first anniversary, and now Valentine's Day. Each and every stay has been remarkable, we will treasure our memories of Kilburnie the rest of our lives. Thank you for your warmth and kindness. Derek & Cayce Smith Lancaster, SC

Kilburnie is without a doubt, the best B&B that my wife and I have ever experienced. The combined history and the wonderful personality of the host makes one feel truly special. We'll be back! Paul & Brenda / Andrews, SC

We have greatly enjoyed the week at Kilburnie, and were extremely impressed with the superb restoration of both the inn and the manor house. We also enjoyed our talks with the host , Johannes. We look forward to staying at Kilburnie again. Carolyn & Waldo Prebble/ Raymond, Maine

Wonderful charming host with a matching home that is superbly relaxing to stay in. It would be extremely difficult to improve on what is offered and a return "longer" visit is called for in the future. Dinner at the recommended restaurant "Charley's Cafe" was also superb. Waking in the morning to the absolute silence was so therapeutic and that wonderful fragrance from the forest - magic. Thank you for a great experience. Sue & Terry Bell / Silverdale Lake District, United Kingdom - May 2006

Johannes made my 65th birthday a very special event by presenting me with 3 gorgeous Red Roses, gourmet breakfast and a warm and friendly environment! Although a group of us were on a business trip for 4 days, he provided us with great service, spacious accommodations and wonderful conversation. Johannes has the knack of making one feel at home as soon as he greets you! Wonderful place to stay, either with your "loved-one" or while on a business trip. Pearl P.

Beautifully restored Southern historic home in beautiful setting. The service is impeccable because of the innkeeper, Johannes Tromp, retired from Windows on the World and the Rainbow Room in NYC. The perfect combination of European charm and Southern hospitality make this inn a "must visit" site. Located very close to Charlotte NC, there is much to see and do in the area. All of the other guests over a four day period were repeat customers. The large private spa baths are worth the visit on their own. Lynn R.

Transcribed from the Kilburnie guest book

First impressions: Red clay and flowers, an abundance of culture, warmth, tasty things for mouth and eye, delightful conversation, an excursion through the woods and over the pastures, cordial cows, cordial host Johannes, the impresario of European and Southern deep-south culture. Final impression: A perfectly complete pilgrimage to the homestead grounds of my father's, father's father's father's father.

Herbert Rush Craig (born Oct. 10, 1923)

Your Charleston visitors enjoyed their travel back through time. Alex especially was taken by the fine craftsmanship of Bill Craig. Thank you for sharing your wonderful setting with us.

Julia & Alex, Charleston SC

Susie and I want to tell you how special you have made our 10th wedding anniversary! I came here with my mother, Connie Winters, an artist from Matthews NC about 4 years ago and I have always had this home in the back of my mind as a place to bring my wife. Your politeness and hospitality have been unmatched! I will pass the word on about our wonderful stay here!

Words can not adequately express our gratitude & appreciation for making "our wedding day" truly embody the essence of being "our day". On behalf of our families, thank you for making the wedding experience pleasurable for us, our wedding associates and guests. For some of our family, this was their first time experiencing a bed & breakfast. we do not believe that this first time experience can ever be topped. they are still talking about Kilburnie. Kevin & I look forward to coming back to the inn in the near future during our visits to Lancaster. Thank You!

Sam and I can not imagine a more delightful place to spend the night of our 2nd wedding anniversary! Kilburnie is a beautiful place and we so appreciated the time you spent with us showing us the beauty and uniqueness of the house and the surrounding farm as well as the history. The breakfast was superb when we also were able to enjoy more conversation with you. We did walk the back trail before we left. Thank you for your hospitality and making us "feel at home". We will see you again!

Paula & I thank you for our superb hospitality, conversation, and attention to detail. You have made our stay extremely pleasurable - well beyond what mere words can express. It is so special to have your expectations exceeded - and that's exactly what happened on this rainy weekend in spring. we look forward to returning during a different season someday, as we take with us intimate precious memories.

Anneke & Marjan vertelden me vooraf al dat zij zich vorig jaar direct thuis voelden, alles was vertrouwd alsof de tussenliggende jaren wegvielen. dat hebben wij ook gevoeld. We zijn en blijven Trompen en dus herken ik zoveel karaktereigenschappen. De dia-avond riep veel herinneringen op. Je hebt ons ontzettend verwend in je geweldige Craig Farm en Kilburnie. Door het raam kijkend vanuit de eetkamer is het nauwelijks voor te stellen dat hier eens bos was. "t is een geweldige prestatie om Kilburnie op te bouwen. we zullen deze vakantie niet vergeten.

Luc, Leerdam, The Netherlands

Jan, ontzettend bedankt, het was een fantastische ervaring voor ons. Ons verblijf op zolder, heerlijk!! Luxe hoor, Heerlijk bad, en ik zal thuis weer moeten wennen aan mijn eigen bed. Je gastvrijheid was enorm, bedankt voor alles. Wij zullen dit niet gauw vergeten het was fantastish.

Reja, Leerdam, The Netherlands

We absolutely loved being with you and sharing all your stories about Kilburnie - and catching up after 20 years of our paths "not crossing" - Thank you for your wonderful hospitality - and we look forward to seeing you and john in Sebastopol.

Suyin, Jim, Melody and Alaric, Sebastopol CA

The pride and joy you have in your land and home is evidenced by your graciousness. We enjoyed the tour of the farm. Who would imagine chasing cows out of the winter feed by golf cart? We've come to appreciate a new environment so different from out beloved prairie.

Richard & Susan, South Dakota

We are grateful to you for the delightful stay that we had here. Everything - from the setting to the food - was perfect. Your attention to detail, personable welcome, culinary skill and eye for aesthetics made this a remarkable experience. God's plan for you was probably this house - after he saved you from the 9-11 attack. thanks again and may god continue to bless you.

John & Chanelle, Pearland TX

This was an awesome experience for the Clark Family - sharing the celebration of Kevin and Udanda as a new couple in God's eyes at the perfect place for a wedding with family & friends. Your presence and residence made this blessed moment in time a truly wonderful experience. thanks so much for sharing your "piece of heaven" with us!

John Sr. & Diane, Pearland TX

Thank you for showing us your beautiful house. Excellent taste - just loved it! Many thanks for making our stay so special.

Clive & Julia, Leiscestershire UK

Absolutely Lovely time in here - great hospitality, we didn't want to leave!! We'll be back for more days. Thanks Johannes!

Harsha and Sushma, Morristown NJ

Na twee jaar wederom binnengestapt by Jan in Kilburnie, het was net of dat gisteren is geweest, de familie band is dan ook de sterkste schakel van de ketting. De gastvrijheid van jou en John is niet te evenaren, dit gecombineerd met kilburnie en Craig house is dit onvergetelijk. Bedankt.

Wim, Heemskerk, the Netherlands

We have never had a more pleasurable business trip! Now we will come back for a lovely retreat without business meetings. Your home is not only beautiful, but incredibly welcome throughout. Thank you for sharing the stories of the past. We look so forward to returning here.

Mary Lou and Jess, Barrington SC

Who would guess that the epitome of Southern charm would reside in Lancaster! The wonderful breakfast and accommodations were only outmatched by your kind hospitality. I will pray that God will continue to bless you and preserve this "part of the past" that would otherwise be lost to the generations.

Kevin, Ponte Verde Beach FL

Simply superb! Thank you for your fine hospitality the inn, the personal property tour, the walking trails, the relaxing porch environment, and the fabulous breakfast all showcase your excellent abilities and talents as a caring host.

Your inn and home are beautiful and your hospitality is unsurpassed. we especially enjoyed learning the history of the property and viewing its beauty during our golf cart tour.

Thank you so much for making our stay here so wonderful. Everything was absolutely perfect.

Thank you so much for allowing us to share such a wonderful day here at Kilburnie and at Craig Farm. We had such a great time!

We had a wonderful time. Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful house with us. Thank you also for the wonderful tour of the property. we came here to relax and to get away from the hectic life we lead and that is exactly what we experienced. We will definitely be back! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Thank you for sharing this beautiful place with us. Thanks also for the stimulating conversation around the breakfast table and for introducing us to the bovine "wildlife"! We'll see you again soon!

Thank you so much for being such a gracious & entertaining host. It was a delightful stay and so much more than we expected.

Judy, Phoenix AZ / Barbara, Rock Hill SC / Diane, Chapel Hill NC

I would first like to say it was a pleasure to meet you and stay here for my very first bed and breakfast experience. I am looking forward to seeing you again and staying here at Kilburnie. There are no words that can express your hospitality. Thank you again.

With love Sharonda & Nate, Columbia SC

Thank you so much for my first introduction to a bed and breakfast! You have set a very high benchmark. Your hospitality created a home for me this past week and I shall fondly remember having our wine on the veranda and recreating the fine art of conversation. You are the best!

Thank you so much for sharing your incredible Kilburnie and Craig house with us. We appreciate the time and energy you have invested in in restoration and creativity in building with such vision & beauty! Amazing! You gracious personality has blessed our children (and now us) and we are grateful.

Thanks for such an enjoyable stay with great hospitality in awesome surroundings. We really appreciated the tour of the house& look forward to the farm tour in 2008!! - Look after the portrait of your favorite "Brit" Mr. Tarleton. We will return, no doubt. I am sure you are on Pam's favorite B&B list. (Note: Simon & Pam are avid & frequent B&B travelers)

Simon & Pam, Sherburn in Elmet, North Yorkshire, England

Three years ago today we spent our wedding night here at Kilburnie. On this our third anniversary we returned to this most beautiful and peaceful place. Thank you for your gracious hospitality, the tour of the land, and your tasty breakfast. We are blessed to call Kilburnie a part of our lives and you, a friend. We will be back!

Tom & Lucy, Dolores, Co & Chapin, SC

We were both in awe of the beauty of the property and also at what a great host you are. I hope we stay again very soon. The very thought makes me excited! Thank you for everything including the wonderful breakfast!

Stave & Lisa, Marshville, NC

Thank you for the wonderful hospitality and such a warm relaxing setting at Kilburnie. It was the perfect setting to visit with our friends. We will return!

Ray & Mary Anne, Atlanta, GA

Thank you for the lovely combination of American and European hospitality. We enjoyed the comfortable room (with world's best bathtub), the beautiful decor, the peaceful setting, the extraordinary breakfasts, and your warm company. We will be back!

I want to thank you for the tour of Kilburnie and historic Craig House this past Wednesday. Both houses are beautiful and tastefully decorated. You are a very gracious host.

You were so kind to give myself and my two companions a tour of Kilburnie and even more kind to let us into your home and share the wonderful stories and history it represents. I want to extend a very heartfelt "thank you" for being such a gracious host. It isn't every day that you find people who are willing to share themselves and their passions with casual strangers. I feel truly blessed for having met you and enriched from the experience. While I can't repay you for your kindness I can pay the experience forward and act in a similar manner towards others.

Thank you so very much for this wonderful stay!! This place is amazing and beautiful!! Thank you for the delicious breakfasts and for being so giving! May God continue to bless you as you serve from such a giving heart. You made this such a delightful stay for my husband and I.

Ruthe & Richard, Fort Worth, TX

To the finest Host in America, Thank you for your hospitality, generosity, expertise in many areas and your sharing this perfectly restored home with all of the wedding party. Our best regards,

Dear Johannes, Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for making our wedding so perfect. Our guests enjoyed every minute at Kilburnie and we appreciate your guidance, your hospitality, and your wonderful breakfast! We'll be back in the spring.

What a wonderful treat to be in this beautiful restored home. Everything was perfect and the Washington room just the most gorgeous setting for a truly special wedding! Many thanks for your great hospitality, delicious breakfast, and lovely setting.

We had a lovely time at your inn. You are an incredible man. Thank you so much for your generosity. You have a beautiful home and inn. We enjoyed the nature hike immensely. I cannot wait until the next time we can visit.

Stephanie & Curt, Silver Springs, FL

What a fabulous stay!! Your hospitality and warmth made us feel right at home! The breakfast was superb. We will definitely be back.

It would have been such a tragedy for this home to have been demolished. You truly are inspiring! I would love to bottle up your energy! Your vision for Kilburnie is breathtaking! Thank you so very much!

We thoroughly enjoyed our stay. we appreciated the tours and the historical information. The food is simply delicious! The baths - everything is top notch!

Jim & Lucy, Indian Trail, NC

What an unforgettable experience - You, Hope & Tommy made the wedding exceptional- we hope to be back.

Lanny & Ann, Gainesville, VA

This was just delightful! What a special way to celebrate with Hope & Tommy. Thank you for such wonderful hospitality.

I am thankful to have been directed to Kilburnie, which was decidedly not one of those legions of American B&B's afflicted with depressingly fussy Victorian-itis. How refreshing to find good taste, the comfort of large spaces- free of suffocating chintz and flea market gewgaws. I congratulate you for your splendid attention to detail.

Guy & Michele, Marco Island, FL

WOW! I can't put into words how much we've enjoyed this stay. This is something we will do again. Thank you!

Thank you for the lovely visit at this wonderful B&B. I definitely plan to bring my team back for another visit.

Thank you for all your efforts to make my husband's 60th birthday celebration a success. Kilburnie has been added to our memories of love with family and friends. Until next time

Marilyn & William, Charlotte, NC

This was our 2nd anniversary and our 4th stay at Kilburnie. Still enjoying every visit and looking forward to next year.

Derek & Cayce, Lancaster, SC

You will forever remain in my heart - it was your gorgeous property, phenomenal advise, beautiful ideas & needed support that made my wedding so picture perfect. Thank you,

Susan (2006 bride), Fort Mill, SC

Thank you very much for your hospitality. Kilburnie is a wonderful place and we thoroughly enjoyed our stay. Hopefully we will see you again soon.

What a wonderful place. we loved it.

Myrtle Edna & Jim, Gastonia, NC

How lovely - Brings back happy memories for me - luck and love to you-

I want to come back as one of your ghosts. I'm sure I've been here in another life because I feel so comfortable. It was a lovely time. Thanks for your hospitality.

What a treat - a real experience in history. Thanks

We would like to thank you so very much for your hospitality. we will never forget this experience. Our wedding night will always be remembered at "Kilburnie". Thank you for the fascinating tours and history lessons!! The food was delicious, the room was beautiful, the tub was relaxing and you were great company. Thanks again for everything and we will be back!

Our first experience was truly a feeling of "home". Our thanks for all you have done to welcome us. Merry Christmas

Steve & Ginny, Greenwood, SC

Our stay at the Kilburnie has been a visit so nostalgic back in time. Melvin and I loved all the history that was made so evident by restoration and by the charm of each and everything at the inn. Our Robert mills room was very comfortable and made out trip so content. You have used your experiences in life wisely. Each piece of furnishing from large to small speaks of your dedication and admiration to bring life back into this one of a kind home. There are so many stories and memories hidden among these walls. Everyone who comes to Kilburnie will leave with many happy thoughts of returning here again.

Melvin & Ann, Little Mountain, SC

Thank you for a much-needed and enjoyable respite. The whirlpool and breakfast were wonderful! We also enjoyed the tour of your beautiful homes.

Katy & Glenn, Cincinnati, OH

We wish our stay had been longer. The food was outstanding and your hospitality can only be matched by your warmth and friendship. Thank you for the best mini- vacation ever!!

Our first visit was just too short. We will be back to enjoy more of these wonderful accommodations.

Donald & Sandra, Savannah, GA

What a special treat, even more than we thought. We hope to come back sometime and thoroughly enjoyed the tour and breakfast. Thank you so much. The house is beautiful, immaculate clean, and comfortable.

Pat & I loved being here -Thank you for caring for us - and the delicious food. We are looking forward to our return on Dec. 4

Margaret & Pat, Gastonia, NC

We loved our stay at Kilburnie! We felt like extra special folks!

Bill & Carolyn, Gastonia, NC

What a treat!

We have heard so much about this wonderful place - having lived across the street from Margaret & Pat. They did not overstate the facts one bit. It is as wonderful as they said in every way. Thank you so much for your hospitality. We do appreciate everything.

Oh Johannes- Thank you for a lovely stay. The house - impeccable, the food - delicious and the company - stimulating, gracious and caring. All the best

Johannes, thank you for your warm welcome back to Kilburnie. We so enjoyed spending our first anniversary here and reliving the wonderful memories of our wedding day. And what a special treat to tour the farm and see all the new calves! We are looking forward to returning again next year.

Joy Marie & Rob, Charlotte, NC

What a wonderful and memorable experience we encountered here at Kilburnie. the attic suite is very charming and we loved the artwork. The spa tubs were a retreat but most of all your hospitality and passion were such a blessing to us. Thank you for investing your time and heart with us.

We had a wonderful stay here. You did a great job on keeping this house in great shape and are a great host. God has blessed you. May he keep blessing you and all your loved ones forever. After staying here, I now know what the word PEACE means.

Your hospitality is unparalleled! Thank you so much for the marvelous farm tour - we will never forget the "babies"! Your homes are truly magnificent in every detail and so welcoming - we feel right at home. We will be back often of that we are sure. Thank you again. / Dank u voor het babbelen in het Nederlands en de gastvrijheid van u. Wij zullen weer vlug terug komen.

Suzanne & Hans, Greenville SC

Well my Goodness, I certainly can not add anything to the accolades you have already received except - we shall return and will have the Walkup Suite. If you ever decide to come to Arizona "our house is your house"

The perfect getaway! Kilburnie truly is a magnificent place. Thank you for your hospitality and pleasant company. Our tour of the farm was exactly what we needed, a breath of fresh air in every way. The comfort and elegance of your home is an enchanting combination trumped only by your cooking. We can't wait to visit Kilburnie someday soon.

What a splendid visit with Johannes. It was my first B&B experience ever and I am almost 83 years old. Since I have dietary restrictions, I was especially catered to. Thanks. Our family was discussing a get-together like this would be good to do every couple of years. We'll not soon forget this weekend.

We truly enjoyed our week-end stay. We have been to other lovely B&B's, but this site will remain a favorite forever! You have an eye for beauty & order which I especially appreciate. You exhibit very well the appreciation of our maker for color, texture, smells, & sounds in the furnishings, the music, the food, and the flickering of the many fireplaces. The loveliness of nature in this beautiful setting reminds me of Ps.19

Michael & Carol, Greenville, SC

Thank you so much for your excellent treatment & care of Crystal & I during our wedding weekend at Kilburnie and Craig Farm. The inn is gorgeous and the food & small details were much appreciated. Your behind the scenes help & planning allowed our family a time and weekend we will treasure forever. Crystal & I are already looking forward to our return.

Collin & Crystal, Greenville, SC

What a heavenly place! Thank you for your perfect hospitality. We hope to visit again soon - maybe for Christmas!

Will & Allison, Greenville, SC

This was an incredible experience - your friendly introduction to your property on the golf cart -showing us the beauty of the outdoors & the tour of the beautiful B&B was generous and inspiring - you took the time to get to know us & share your own personal experiences. all these things made our visit one to remember for many years. I feel we are leaving a new friend- Thank you.

Our Stay was absolutely wonderful and you are a fabulous host! Thank you so much for everything. We hope to stay here again. Blessings to you.

Greg & Janet, Neptune Beach, FL

This was an incredible experience! What you have been able to accomplish with this house is very impressive. The suite was outstanding, the facilities top of the line & the breakfasts marvelous! Thanks again. We'll be back.

Steve & Terri, Mooresville, NC / Cincinnati, OH

This was our second 3-day visit and it was as warm and relaxing as our first. Your Kilburnie is beautiful in history and in design. Breakfast was delicious. Hope to return for our third visit someday soon.

Roger & Marilyn, Brentwood, TN

Dan and I had an amazing stay here at Kilburnie. We are in awe of the beauty of this home. Your attention to detail is impressive. This is a truly magnificent place and your attention to detail is impressive. Thank you for your endless hospitality. We can't wait to come back.

Melissa & Dan, Rock Hill, SC

All my dreams came through! You & your gorgeous property had EVERYTHING to do with that! I can't thank you enough for helping make our wedding so unforgettable! Love always,

Susan & Jeremy, Lancaster, SC

Thank you for providing a "home away from home" for us and so many others. We've heard all our lives about "heaven and Earth" and this has got to be the place! Such beauty here, the food was delicious, and the hospitality is the best ever. We loved the golf-cart tour. You are the greatest host We'll be back!!

Betty & Rudolph, Rocky Mount, NC

Thank you for your kindness and for sharing so many wonderful stories with us. You have a very special gift of making those around you feel so welcomed. We had a relaxing, peaceful visit and will return again.

Esther & Wayne, Greenville, SC

You have the gift of making guests feel welcome and wanted (which is not the case for all B&B's) We loved learning about the history and restoration of the inn. Thank you for a wonderful weekend & beautiful wedding for my son & daughter in-law.

We cannot express into words how wonderful this weekend was for us. The food, this house, and everything you did for Susan blows our mind. We had a truly wonderful experience we will not soon forget. Thank you so much!

Sara & Matthew, Greenville, SC

What a wonderful, magical week-end! Thanks for everything

Thank you so very much for another wonderful visit. Your move from NYC to Lancaster was a gift to this community that they will cherish forever! See you again ! Cheers,

Linda & Jim, East Lansing, MI

Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful home for our wedding. Everything was perfect and just what we expected. We are proud to begin our marriage at such a wonderful place. Thank you so much!

Bill & Janine, Charlotte, NC

One year of marriage & many adventures later, we were so pleased to return for what we have come to know as a place for relaxation & tranquility! Kilburnie will continue to be a favorite and hopefully a place we visit annually. Thank you as always, for the superb meals and incredible hospitality. We most enjoyed the morning chat over coffee and look forward to our next return trip.

Sara & Mike, Bridgewater, VA

Thank you for a wonderful stay at beautiful Kilburnie. You have done a fabulous job of restoring the house. The food was delicious and I look forward to my return visits.

We had a wonderful time! This is a great place to come and get away from the "business" of life. Everything is so quiet and peaceful. we feel very relaxed now that we've stayed! We look forward to visiting again in the near future!

David & Rebekah, Lexington, SC

Thank you for sharing this great place with us. Everything was first class. Next time we will stay longer.

Robert & Nancy, Greenwood, IN

To experience an inn you enjoy is not unusual. To experience one that appeals to your heart is exceptional. To discover one that so touches your heart, mind &soul is extraordinary! Thank you.

Charles & Lynn, Tallahassee, Fl

There are no words to describe our happy reunion with you - exceeded only by the majesty of Kilburnie - and, of course, your boundless graciousness. We long to return. But we leave with a pocketful of memories! In the words of the great Joe Baum. "it was swell."

Rozanne & Michael, Brooklyn, NY

Charles & I are truly sorry to have to leave. There is so much more to share a good reason among many, to return!! Many thanks for your warm hospitality! Good wishes for you to live your dreams & live a rich life, well deserved.

Celine & Charles, Weddington, NC

What a long and strange joonurney we have taken. It was truly wonderful to renew our friendship and to experience Kilburnie. Thank you for welcoming us to your magnificent home.

Jules & Nancy, Chesterfield, VA

Thank you for your hospitality, stories about Kilburnie and the delicious breakfast each morning. It will be a pleasure to come home each week to Kilburnie

We have really enjoyed our stay at Kilburnie for our 40th wedding anniversary celebration - a gift from our children. Thank you for your kind hospitality

What a lovely time we had during our stay at Kilburnie. You have done an amazing job with the inn - what a peaceful place it is. Thank you for your hospitality!

Will & Janette, Charlotte, NC

Thank you for making our stay so relaxing, peaceful, and refreshing! We appreciate your hospitality & stories of the history of Kilburnie and Craig farm. What a great place to enjoy the beauty of God's awesome creation.

Steve & Tracy, Charlotte, NC

You care about the past and it is reflected in your beautiful home. Thanks for allowing this Florida girl an opportunity to enjoy the respite. You have created a place of peace - a rare thing in our world today. Thanks again for the kind hospitality. We will be back.

Susan & Linda, Gainesville, FL

Every aspect of our stay was first rate. Thank you for the hospitality!

Keith & Michele, Charlotte, NC -

We came to the Carolina's for business and wanted to stop on the way home to decompress! What to our wonder, when we drove up to the front of the house was just jaw dropping. So beautiful a place it was. And to top all of that, the history of the building and detail to construction was amazing. But not for the proprietor and wonderful host, Johannes, was the package complete. We talked, we visited the Craig House across the road and , oh, when touring the fields saw the beautiful natural grounds. and the cows, so close up and personal, it was magical. Thank you Johannes, for your hospitality and genuine openness and friendliness! Smiles galore! We will be back and wish you much luck and success with your venture. Yours truly,

Elaine & Brad, Saint Augustine, FL

We would like to thank you for a very relaxing four days at your beautiful inn. The breakfasts were absolutely delicious and the peach appetizer was beyond belief. this was our second stay with you and even though we didn't think that you could out do yourself you continued to surprise us on a daily basis. We have given your web site address to all our friends and told them to put it on their list of places to stay when traveling through the South. Thank you again for restoring our energy level after playing with five grand children during our visit.

Bill & Barbara, Rancho Mirage, CA

We really, really enjoyed our stay here. You've done some amazing work with this house, and it was our pleasure to stay here. We enjoyed meting you and talking with you and learning about the history of everything in the house. Thank you again we look forward to visiting you again.

I enjoyed my stay more than I can say. Your ability to seize the moments in your life and make your life and your environment what you want it to be is outstanding and wonderful. Both Kilburnie and the Craig House restorations are works of art and provided us with a beautiful interlude of tranquility and a slow pace that we needed and enjoyed. And thank you for introducing us to Lindsay Pettus - another wonderful experience. May the life you have created for yourself here continue and continue to satisfy you.

It is a real pleasure to se someone who enjoys life so much & who has created something so beautiful to share with others. Good luck in all you do

We can't think of the words to describe what a wonderful time we have had. The peace and tranquility, in this beautiful country setting with old friends, were just what we needed. Everything is beautiful, the food was delicious, and your hospitality outstanding. Thank you for all of it. We'll be back again.

It is my third visit & certainly not my last. I will always remember the peach soup - like a Carolina morning or a Kilburnie morning - softly flavored, sweet, creamy and memorable - just right. Kilburnie (and Craig Farm) is one of my favorite places. The constantly evolving environment and your desire to engage guests in it is part of its appeal. The magical flow of light and shadow, the quiet, the grace and beauty of Kilburnie and Craig house, and the elegant blend of history, nature and the finer things feel like home for the reflective, creative spirit. Beyond that, you have mastered the art of unobtrusive hospitality and knowing when to engage your guests. Thank you for a beautiful environment that gives place and space to laugh and talk and re-center. You are a wonderful host and a great chef. See you next year.

Words fail me. The superlatives have been worn thin by your previous visitors. I'm so spoiled I wonder if my husband will want me back. Thank you for the warmth of your welcome and the easy conversation. I can see why Betty loves Kilburnie so much. It is hard to leave! Breakfast was just the right fuel for long days of sightseeing. I especially liked the Swiss eggs and the peach & pecan Concoction. Thank you,

Our first experience both in South Carolina and with a bed & breakfast stay have been exceptional. Your hospitality and kindness was overwhelming! Thank you for allowing us to share your beautiful home. We shall return! P.S. Those Strawberry muffins are "to die for". Thanks

It feels as though we have known you for years. Your hospitality is exceptional! And what has been done with Kilburnie and Craig Farm is amazing. We loved our stay here. You gave us a truly wonderful 10th anniversary celebration. Thank you. Your new friends,

A brief note to thank you once again for your hospitality. Kilburnie was the crown jewel of our trip. a truly magnificent home. We will plan to stay with you again whenever our travel plans bring us anywhere near your location. Until then, we wish you all the best.

Mike & Betsye / Thomasville GA

Thank you for a wonderful stay. My parents and I enjoyed our visit to your home and the area. It will be a trip I will always treasure. I hope to return someday and share this experience with others.

Robin, Jerry & Barbara / Jonesboro AR

Once more we have been charmed by your hospitality, sense of family and your beautiful home. As Carol mentioned, when we first walked in, it's like coming home. particularly enjoyed last evening's thunderstorm, it added a romantic flavor. By the way, to use the current vernacular, the strawberry soup was "to die for". We will definitely be returning.

We thoroughly enjoyed our time at Kilburnie and getting to meet you. You are a most gracious host and have truly been living your calling in event planning, inn keeping, and fine food Those breakfasts!! Thank you for the special treatment.

Brian & Patrick / Nashville TE

Many many thanks for the privilege of spending time in your wonderful Kilburnie, and for the golf cart ride through the farm and paths. What a very special place for contentment and peace. We will hope to see you again soon.

Jane & Dick /Eastern shore of VA

What a great visit to an absolutely fantastic place! Enjoyed to the "fullest" every moment!

Bill & Judy / Berryville, VA

Ned and I wanted to thank you so much for making our wedding on April 29, a perfect day. All of our guests have complimented us on the beautiful location and your hospitality. The guests staying at Kilburnie were thoroughly pleased with their experience as were we. Thank you again for being such an integral part of our wedding's success.

Thank you so much for the use of Craig House for our spring social. The surroundings are breathtaking and one always hates to leave such beauty & splendor! Everyone had a magnificent evening! Thanks again for all you do & what you bring to Lancaster.

Karen, J.Marion Sims Foundation, Lancaster, SC

An extraordinary home & gracious hospitality. We enjoyed the history & the tours. We'll return.

We absolutely adored the hospitality, history, scenery, and tranquility. Many thanks for a delightful visit.

I am envious of the lifestyle you have created for yourself. I can only wish someday to achieve the same. It was a wonderful stay. Thank you.

Basil / Oakville Ontario, Canada

Thank you so much for sharing this jewel with us! We enjoyed the house and the tour tremendously. You have been more than generous with your passion. See you again!

Alex & Jacqui / Covington, GA

Thank you so much for a beautiful room and a fabulous tour of the land. What an amazing place. We will recommend it to many and will be back!

Scott & Valerie/ Lawrenceville, GA

Thanks for giving us a great return visit. Over the past four years things have gone from perfect to perfection. Keep up the good work!

Superb is the word that most often came to mind during our stay at Kilburnie. Your hospitality has been extraordinary. Thank you for sharing this beautiful home with us and sharing its history. We thoroughly enjoyed every moment here. You are more than just an innkeeper and world-class chef. You are a visionary.

Wyrna & Paul / Versailles, KY

How wonderful! I could not have found a more fitting place for my wedding. Of course the house is beautiful, but your hospitality and giving nature made the experience complete. I don't want to leave today, but I want to return as soon as I have the opportunity to do so.

Claudia & Jurgen / Alexandria, VA

I can't begin to tell you what a remarkable time we spent at Kilburnie and Craig Farm. You were a fabulous host and it was obvious that you enjoyed showing us around the property. That meant a lot to us to be received in such a welcomed way. You have every right to be proud of the restoration. The homes are decorated in impeccable good taste. I hope you don't mind that I have encouraged people to experience for themselves what fabulous places Kilburnie and Craig House are. Many thanks for the time spent with such a gracious host.

We have thoroughly enjoyed our weekend at Kilburnie & Craig Farm. You are a gifted and talented host (& chef) and we have completely enjoyed your company as well as that of the other guests. Thank you so much for saving this wonderful house so that others may enjoy it. We will treasure our memories of staying here. We hope to see you in the future.

I can't begin to thank you enough for all that you did for us in planning my daughter's wedding. You are truly one of the most cultured and dedicated men I've ever met. Your enthusiasm for Kilburnie and historic Craig Farm is so contagious. All of our family raved about your true Southern hospitality and attention to detail. Thank you again. The 29th of April was one of the best days of my life.

Panky (mother of the bride) Lancaster, SC

We fell in love with Kilburnie when we came here some weeks ago to see it first hand. Ever since, we've looked forward to spending our wedding night here & we were not disappointed! From serving us our "to go" reception leftovers on nice china & damask napkins to pouring our chardonnay into real wine glasses rather than our own plastic cups -- You pampered us beyond our expectations. Thanks so much for the scrumptious breakfast, delightful stories (your Highness!) & being our private photographer. You're wonderful & can rest assured we'll be back soon for a whole weekend.

Thank you for a most memorable wedding! It was beautiful, relaxing, stress-free, and fun! The food was wonderful and you are a gifted photographer. Thank you for all your help. We plan to come back.

Lara & Whitney / Winston Salem, NC

Wonderful charming host with a matching home that is superbly relaxing to stay in. It would be extremely difficult to improve on what is offered and a return "longer" visit is called for in the future. Dinner at the recommended restaurant "Charley's Cafe" was also superb. Waking in the morning to the absolute silence was so therapeutic and that wonderful fragrance from the forest - magic. Thank you for a great experience.

Sue & Terry / Silverdale Lake District, United Kingdom

This has been one of the greatest experiences in my life. We have been made to feel very welcome and comfortable in the wonderful atmosphere created at the Kilburnie home. The host is terrific he takes care of all your needs and is a great cook. It is a wonderful look into the past, and the future. What a great experience.

Jeff & Beckie / Lancaster, SC

A lovely stay with a terrific host. The food and furnishings would be hard to surpass. Thank you for allowing us to be part of your dream.

Mark & Julie / Virginia Beach, VA

Carlos and I will always remember our stay at Kilburnie. You are such a warm person -and a great cook! Thank you so much for sharing your inn and your home with us - it was truly an experience to remember. We will pass this treasure on to our friends and hope to see you again someday.

We have greatly enjoyed the week at Kilburnie, and were extremely impressed with the superb restoration of both the inn and the manor house. We also enjoyed our talks with you, Johannes. Pam & Don also were pleased to be able to join us for breakfast and the tours. We look forward to staying with you again.

Carolyn & Waldo / Raymond, Maine

Thanks for a wonderful four days. We were treated like honored guests and felt like family here. You've changed our view of the South for sure.

Na zes jaar was mijn verblijf hier wederom fantastisch. Het logeren in Kilburnie heb ik echt ervaren als een groot genot. Hartelijk dank voor je gastvrijheid en vooral gezelligheid. Deze fijne 10 dagen blijven in mij gedachten, en zullen nooit verdwijnen.

Marjan / Purmerend, Holland

Ik heb enorm genoten van mijn verblijf hier in Kilburnie en van jouw als gastheer. Alles is perfect, het ontbijt , de kamer, de entourage, and jouw aanwezigheid. Ik zal deze dagen nooit vergeten. Veel dank.

Anneke / Heemskerk, Holland

What a wonderful place to spend our wedding night. Having friends and family fill Kilburnie with us was most meaningful for all of us. We shared your stories and the sights we've seen here at both Kilburnie and Craig House with our friends and look forward to our next visit with you.

This was a wonderful experience for us! It truly is a piece of Heaven on Earth! We loved Kilburnie, and are going to come back.

Dan & Laurie / Wilmington, NC

Thank you for a wonderful time and elegant breakfast. More importantly, thank you for your vision and passion to save Kilburnie and keep it alive.

Jeff & Marsha / Lake Wylie, SC

Thank you for making our 21st. anniversary so very special. The food, the room and the conversation were superior. Thanks for helping us make a great memory.

Thank you so much for making Mr. Will Hobbs stay in Lancaster a very pleasant one. He bragged about the inn and talking with you. Thanks.

Adrienna / A. R. Rucker School, Lancaster SC

This has been a very memorable visit. We will both remember my birthday present, to stay at Kilburnie, as one of best presents I have ever received. My grand daughter was correct, it did take two days to open. Thank you. Carol

I have to add that the special time you took to show your beautiful home and all its treasures is more than appreciated. The "ride" through the farm was magnificent. One forgets the beauty of a true rural setting, even the backwoods, so to speak, are scenic. By the way, grapefruit is back in our diet! . Paul

Kilburnie is without a doubt, the best B&B that my wife and I have ever experienced. The combined history and your wonderful personality makes one feel truly special. We'll be back!

Thank you very much for a wonderful two days. your "Inn" is wonderful and both homes are beautiful. We hope to return soon.

Roger & Marilyn / Brentwood. TN

Five Stars in every way - one of our finest experiences with B& B travel!! Thank you for sharing your special world with us and our friends.

Thank you, Johannes, for a perfect experience. We will cherish it always. You made it so special. The breakfasts were fantastic and the home is magnificent. We'll definitely be back.

Tony & I just wanted to thank you for such a wonderful experience at Kilburnie this past weekend. You said that the best compliment someone can give you is for them to make themselves at home in the Inn. You made it so easy for us to do just that! Thank you for sharing your life stories, your Inn, and your home with us! We hope to return again soon.

Monica & Tony Huntersville, NC

You have made our first visit to Kilburnie a wonderful experience. Beautiful furnishings, a restful atmosphere, and great conversation. plus a library that is out of this world!! And did I mention the food. Wow!! Thanks for everything! We'll be back!

Terri & Rusty West Columbia, SC

Thank you for a fantastic brunch. My Rummi Rub Club enjoyed the entire experience. You are the perfect host! Again thank you for a wonderful time.

Thank you for your wonderful hospitality! We loved the sense of history evident throughout your property. Jeff & I enjoyed talking with you and learning about your interesting life. We enjoyed our stay very much and look forward to returning soon.

Carrie & Jeff Charlotte, NC

This was our first visit to a bed and breakfast and Kilburnie was a great choice. We felt right at home. The tour of the grounds was superb. There are no words to describe our joy with breakfast, We shall certainly see you again.

Aminah & Perry Charlotte, NC & Washington DC

Thank you for yet another wonderful stay. This was our third visit in the Walkup Suite. We spent our honeymoon, our first anniversary, and now Valentine's Day. Each and every stay has been remarkable, we will treasure our memories of Kilburnie the rest of our lives. Thank you for your warmth and kindness.

Derek & Cayce Lancaster, SC

What a joy to share your experience in restoring this beautiful place - from two who know what you've been through but also know how rewarding it is. Thank you for your persistence and your gracious hospitality.

Everythinghere is at the highest level that humanity can achieve: the beautiful surroundings, the workmanship and design in the building, the art, the furniture & furnishings, the food, the cleanliness, the overall good taste, the hospitality, and the sense of history reflected throughout. But most of all your warm, personal touch which is reflected in all you do. You are a joy to be with and we now have made a new friend whom we truly enjoy being around.

Tom & Madeline Columbia, SC

Thank you so much for your hospitality. The history of the home & farm is fascinating. we really enjoyed ourselves. We will return.

Thank you so much for a wonderful visit and the tours. We'll be back!

Pat & Gary Fayetteville, GA

We thoroughly enjoyed our stay. Thank you for the tours & your hospitality. The inn is beautiful and inviting. the Breakfast was delightful. We will be back to visit in the future! Again Thank You!

Just wanted to tell you how much Tony and I enjoyed staying at Kilburnie this past weekend. Your inn is such a beautiful place, you can't help but enjoy yourself. We especially enjoyed talking with you at breakfast. Lancaster is so lucky to have you here. Next time we hope we can stay longer

What a wonderful surprise! Staying at your inn was truly a relaxing and great experience. The food was delicious, but most of all we enjoyed visiting with you. We're looking forward to our next visit

The tradition continues The "Girls" of Lancaster High School, the early fifties, find Kilburnie a delicious January retreat. This is four years and counting. See you in '07, '08, '09 and .

Carolyn Taylor '52, Margie H. Barrineau '52, Doris M. Harris '53, Rhoda Murphy Byrd '56, Ann Biggart Cross '51, Pat Williams Willis '52, Virginia Fleming '52, Kitty Parker Balch '52.

What can we say that hasn't been said? Everything was perfect - this turned out to be a great Christmas gift for my fiancée. After our incredible visit, we are considering a wedding here. In any event, we will be back! Thank you for everything.

Kara & Justin Gainesville, FL

Many thanks to you on the 1st. night of our honeymoon trip to South Carolina. We enjoyed the wonderful hospitality and setting here on Craig Farm. We loved to share time with you visiting. The history makes this place. Best wishes to you in the future. We hope to come back soon and will tell family and friends about our stay. Wishing you a blessed New Year

Kristen & Charles Lincoln, NE

Of the many Bed and Breakfast we have visited, Kilburnie is absolutely the finest and most enjoyable. We so enjoyed your tour and the history of the home. Even better was the tour of the Craig Farm House. You made our stay here most memorable. The pecan peaches were fabulous. We can't wait to tell all our friends and come back.

This was a delightful setting to celebrate our 4th anniversary. Thanks for your warm welcome and the delicious breakfast. We thoroughly enjoyed our time here.

Kilburnie has such a special place in our hearts. We're so happy to have returned! A gracious host and a beautiful inn - Thanks again for another wonderful stay!

Engaged - Andrew Jackson Room February 14, 2007

Our Christmas in South Carolina and spending it with you at Kilburnie has been particularly meaningful. The beauty and hospitality we experienced helped make this a more joyful holiday for all our family. We hope to see you again very soon.

Thank you so much for your gracious hospitality at Kilburnie when my wife and I visited with you. We had a splendid time for the accommodations were wonderful and we enjoyed getting to know you and to experience the rich history and heritage of Kilburnie

We had a wonderful time exploring Craig Farm and our family's history. Thanks for helping make our anniversary a special one

Neil & Rachel Fayetteville, NC

This was our first bed and breakfast experience. Such a happy and wonderful occasion, our niece's wedding. We will never forget her wedding & the place it was held. A definite "do over" for us hopefully in the future.

Para entender la hermosa experiencia de alojarse en el hotel Kilburnie es preciso pasar en él al menos una noche. Escribo esto dos meses después de mi estancia, pero la magnífica impresión que causó en mí impide que olvide el más mínimo detalle. Cómo olvidar el exquisito gusto con el que se ha restaurado la propiedad, amueblando sus habitaciones con muebles antiguos o fieles reproducciones de los existentes, un esmerado trabajo de los artesanos locales que subrayan el mimo que Johannes, el propietario, ha puesto en cada rincón. Ha conseguido que el lujo sea confortable y te haga sentir en casa, en esa casa que todos hemos soñado alguna vez.

Las zonas comunes las sientes como zonas privadas por los toques personales de Johannes, como la selección de libros y revistas disponibles para los visitantes, los elegantísimos grabados que decoran las paredes sin ostentación, entreteniendo calladamente la mirada que en las veladas de “dolce far niente” vaga de las líneas serenas de las arquitecturas enmarcadas al fuego de la chimenea, o a las flores de los arreglos que decoran mesas y veladores. El relajante comedor se convierte en un bodegón del siglo de oro español con el delicioso y colorista desayuno cocinado y servido por el propietario, convertido en amable anfitrión, y aromatizado con hierbas recién cortadas de su jardín.

Los dormitorios combinan de nuevo el lujo más exquisito con el confort más práctico. Camas gigantescas y cómodas vestidas con tejidos naturales, de nuevo chimenea y sillones de orejas junto al fuego para leer o charlar con tu pareja, si tienes la suerte de poder compartir tu estancia. El jacuzzi en el baño si quieres olvidarte de la ducha rápida del “mundo real” que parece lejano en este hotel rebosante de encanto. Una selección de videos y lecturas para convocar al sueño como más te apetezca y la impagable sensación de estar en la casa de tus sueños de la que hablaba más arriba.

Pero si el interior quita la respiración con la misma emoción que un cuadro de Van der Meer, una joya de Lalique o una porcelana decó, el exterior la devuelve con el frescor de los interminables árboles y arbustos que rodean la propiedad. Hay un sendero que se adentra en un bosquecillo y que permite estimulantes paseos matutinos. Salir de tu dormitorio al porche, en medio de la noche, sentarte en una de las mecedoras y escuchar los grillos y la nada, es lo más parecido a un viaje literario por las páginas de Twain o Faulkner porque este increíble hotel se encuentra en Carolina del Sur. Espero con impaciencia el momento de repetir la experiencia. No es extraño que la amabilidad de Johannes le convierta más que en propietario, en anfitrión y más que en anfitrión, en amigo, en el solícito cicerone que te guía con la máxima discreción por las maravillas de su mansión. Hasta pronto Kilburnie.

Carlos Blanco Zaragoza, España,

My best to you in this beautiful home. Thank you for making my daughter's wedding, the most beautiful. I could not imagine what it would be like. It certainly met all of my expectations.

Thank you for making our wedding day the "stuff that dreams are made of"!

Joy Marie & Rob Concord, NC

Thank you for making our wedding night in the Walkup Suite so wonderful! Thank you so much for your hospitality.

Your hospitality and passion for your work made our wedding ceremony and reception at historic Craig House the most beautiful and elegant day of our lives. We, as well as our guests, will always remember this day!

Joy Mary & Rob Charlotte, NC

Your place whispers elegance. Our son's wedding, the architecture of the buildings and your bed and breakfast are unforgettable! You are the perfect host. We will be back.

Robert & Marion Table Rock, SC

Thank you for such a wonderful anniversary adventure! You are the best! We hope to be back often!

Thanks for such a lovely surprise! We loved our visit!! Your hospitality was absolutely outstanding!

David & Margaret Wilmington, NC

This has been a wonderful visit for us - what a beautiful place you have and so thoughtfully done! A beautiful fall day for football fans from Florida. We hope to be back in two years.

Bruce & Margaret Orlando, FL

It was such a pleasure to meet you. Thank you so much for your hospitality and your candor. We are looking forward to coming back soon.

Blane & Montese Clinton, OK

Thanks so much for your hospitality, your breakfast and your stories! Now I can tell my fellow Charlestonians all what is in Lancaster.

What a fabulous place. We loved everything! You are our best new friend.

Lee & Jeannie Charleston, SC

Thank you for your wonderful hospitality. We will definitely be back!

Sherry & Bill Charleston, SC

We had a wonderful time, your hospitality is second to none. Our surprise couldn't have been planned any better and your dinner Friday night couldn't have setup our weekend with more comfort and flair! Your home is very impressive and the attention to detail is quite amazing - we look forward to visiting again and will spread the word. We look forward to our return.

As usual everything was just wonderful. Looking forward to coming back again, again & again.

What a lovely way to spend the night. Fabulous restoration & gracious hospitality.

We're Back. 1 year ago this weekend Jon & I came here to spend some quiet time away. We immediately felt @ home pulling into the driveway. Kilburnie made such an impression on us, we speak of it often and encourage friends and family to visit. You, Johannes are the most hospitable host and innkeeper we have met. Your warmth, friendliness, knowledge and enthusiasm for this beautiful place and for what you are doing with it makes us want to visit more often, but we restrain and use this as a "treat" to reward each other for the sacrifices made just living life everyday. We look forward to coming here even though it is only 1/2 hour drive, we feel 1000's of miles away from home and hectic schedules. Thanks again for the wonderful accommodations, the incredible food, and your amazing hospitality. We feel truly @ home here. see you next year.

Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to extend us such a personal tour of Kilburnie & the Craig farmhouse. Your enthusiasm is contagious & you have much to take pride in - the restorations are meticulous & exquisite works of art! We sincerely enjoyed meeting you & will highly recommend your B&B hospitality.

Frank, Wendy, and relatives Waxhaw, NC & Michigan

Thank-you so much for the lovely stay we had at your inn, Dave and I both agreed that since this was our first B&B stay, others will have a tough act to follow! I hope that the friends we refer enjoy it as much as we did. Hopefully, we will return in the spring. Thanks for everything

Kathy & Dave Mount Pleasant, SC

Thank you for the wonderful respite from the overwhelming task of rebuilding our lives in the wake of hurricane Katrina. We feel refreshed after our weekend here & we're ready to begin anew! We hope to return soon under less stressful circumstances. We thoroughly enjoyed the history and the warmth you've preserved here at Kilburnie

Adrienne & Roger (Formerly) New Orleans, LA

I would like to take this opportunity and thank you for your hospitality and courtesy. We were extremely impressed with the restoration and final results. You have done a magnificent job and Lancaster has a very good reason to be proud of your property. No wonder Southern Living Magazine featured your inn. By the way, Charley's Cafe was an excellent choice and we really enjoyed our lunch. Thank you for making this such a pleasant day.

Your inn is a place to be proud of - you have done a fantastic job. You had a vision that has paid off! Our time here was too short but absolutely enjoyable. Breakfast both mornings was delicious - Thank you. We hope to return soon. If you take a trip to the mountains of western NC, give us a call - we would love to serve you breakfast! Thanks so much for your hospitality.

Thank you for helping to make Andy And Bari's wedding a day to remember. We thoroughly enjoyed our stay and felt very much at home. Kilburnie will always be special to us and we hope to return one day.

Thank you for sharing this wonderful day with us. We couldn't have asked for a greater host and experience. We will cherish this moment in our hearts forever.

Mr. & Mrs. Andrew C. Charlotte, NC

Thank you so very much for such a perfect finale to our honeymoon! The house is amazing, and between your hospitality& wonderful breakfast, it made our stay marvelous! All the time & effort you have put into both Kilburnie & Craig Farm is absolutely breath-taking. we most certainly are looking forward to return visits.

Sara & Mike Bridgewater, VA

We had a wonderful time in this beautiful house. Your hospitality is fabulous, and we will hopefully be back.

Heather & Chris Rock Hill, SC

The best weekend ever. Thank you for making it so romantic. it was well worth the trip! We will be back for more Southern hospitality.

Ashley & Jonathon Spartanburg, SC - Sept.

As we told you, Connie and I have stayed in many B & B's across the country and in Canada. I can truly say without any hesitation, this was by far our best experience, Your convivial personality, your attention to detail and the genuine warmth you exhibit make you the perfect host. The job you have done in restoring Kilburnie to its former elegance is exquisite. Thank you for restoring brilliance to a "crown jewel" of the state of South Carolina. We look forward to many visits to your home in the future.

Thank you so much for the most magnificent stay at Kilburnie. Your attention to style and hospitality is unsurpassed. Thank you for the lovely gourmet breakfast. we look forward to many more visits.

You have worked a magnificent miracle in restoring Kilburnie! What a perfect escape for two over-worked and under-relaxed souls! The most amazing part - it still looks brand new. You could have told us we were the first ones to ever stay in our room, and we wouldn't have doubted you. It's that pristine! Thank you for a wonderful experience. Loved the breakfast, the tour, the conversation, the bathtub, all of it! We'll be back!

We enjoyed the unique experience of Kilburnie. the peaceful & beautiful surroundings and your personable attention have made this a wonderful getaway. Dennis & I appreciated your stimulating conversations and discussion of history. We are looking forward to our next visit.

Rebecca & Dennis Rock Hill, SC

This was a treat beyond imagination. I've never stayed anywhere that I have loved as much as Kilburnie. Your hospitality, your culinary abilities, your knowledge of history and your desire to make a difference in this world and share your homes is extraordinary. Thank you for an experience of a lifetime - See you again.

Thank you for another pleasant visit. What a wonderful place! The tour was inspiring. We will keep in touch.

Glenda & Jerry Charleston, SC

Thanks for a great respite from business! Lovely, quiet, historical treat, gastronomic treat all in one. We enjoyed it all (sitting on the back porch while watching the rain -priceless)

We had a great time and everything was top notch!

Dick & Kathy Carmichaels, PA

This has been a great weekend! I'll tell everyone so they'll have to come visit! It is good seeing someone happy doing their work! I'll be back, but until then I'll treasure this experience.

Everything was fabulous. We loved it. Thanks for a great time

What a wonderful treat for two weary travelers! May God's blessings rest upon you in this place!

Jackie & Elaine Carthage, TN

Our heartfelt appreciation for your part in making our 30th anniversary such a special occasion! You are a most gracious host and companion. Thanks for sharing your love for Kilburnie and Craig Farm with us. We look forward to seeing you again and hope that you will visit us in Charleston. We would love to share our beautiful city with you.

Marvin and Jeannie Charleston, SC

Simply beautiful! We thoroughly enjoyed our stay at Kilburnie. The host was so very accommodating and the food excellent. I can't say enough good things about the services. Thank you so much for making my birthday special.

Last night was our first night as Mr. & Mrs. S. I don't believe we could have chosen a better place. Everything is set up beautiful. We will live two hours from here and I can guarantee you will see us back. The breakfast was so good & the service couldn't be better. Thank you so much.

We will never forget this extraordinary slice of heaven on earth. We look forward to many return visits

Paxton & I really love to come to your bed and Breakfast! We'll be back for more Pears and blueberries!

Paxton & Cheryl Charlotte, NC

Thank you so much for everything. You made our stay wonderful. We will return soon. Thank you May God Bless you.

Ed. M & Brenda Boca Grande, FL & Cheraw, SC

Thank you for sharing your home with us, we truly had a wonderful weekend

What an idyllic and beautiful weekend we had at Kilburnie! I cannot remember a time when all went so well and so smoothly. I could have stayed the rest of the year and enjoyed every minute. And, of course, your home was itself a wonderful and beautiful place. And, how could I not comment on the Breakfasts? The strawberry soup takes top honors.

Jeanie an I can not express how much we enjoyed our weekend here. This was as outstanding a weekend as we have ever experienced. Your accommodations, service, and attention to detail was 5-star - We will certainly return often - best wishes on your continued success.

Your accommodations were very, very enjoyable. Your personal touches and excellent service will be long remembered and is greatly appreciated.

Freda & Al Isle of Palms, SC

Thanks for your splendid hospitality during my stay at Kilburnie. The breakfasts were fantastic & your attention to details at the Inn made Bab & I feel like we were at home.

Robert and I enjoyed coming to Kilburnie again for our second anniversary. It holds a special place in out hearts and always will. We had a wonderful time and look forward to seeing you again soon

Stephanie & Robert Columbia, SC

Ons verblijf op Kilburnie betekende het absolute hoogtepunt van onze vakantie in the USA. Je vakmanschap en hartelijkheid zijn ongeevenaard. Met onze oprechte dank en de allerbeste wensen.

We truly enjoyed our stay, and our only regret is that we didn't have another day to spend here! We want you to know that your warm hospitality, terrific food, and the awesome accommodations more than made up our confusing arrival. God has indeed given you "a little slice of heaven", w/such a beautiful setting, and you have made it a little slice of heaven for us too. We feel more refilled, refreshed and ready to go back to what God has given us in West Africa., Warmly,

Rick & Debbie Monrovia, Liberia

We could not have had a more perfect weekend, thanks to you. Kilburnie is without a doubt the finest Inn in America, The breakfasts are outstanding! We were treated like royalty! I can hardly wait to come back. Thanks for everything! it was better than we ever imagined!

Craig & Melinda Collierville, Tennessee

These days at Kilburnie have far exceeded our expectations. The reconstruction of this home is a demonstration of aesthetics superb and a labor of love. The breakfasts were delicious and delightful. Above all, your sparkling personality, volumes of information and warm hospitality capped it all. We shall return. Thank you so much

Francine & Ralph Sugar Grove , NC

You have created a place where life can stop & the heart has room to breathe. Thank you for generous unmatched hospitality, for thinking of everything & for wonderful food & conversation. Kilburnie is an extraordinary place & you are an extraordinary "Dutch" man!

I just wanted to say "Thanks" again for the wonderful stay at Kilburnie. The German Novelist Thomas Mann once wrote, "Deep is the well of the past. perhaps it is bottomless. " Thank you for giving us a drink! Everything was excellent!

Ted & Katherine Indian Trail, NC

Kilburnie is a wonderful place. We enjoyed it so much. We loved the beautiful restored home & everything about it. You are a fantastic innkeeper. The conversation was very interesting, the food great. We could go on and on about our experience here but let me just say, we are so happy that you moved to Lancaster and opened this great place. Thanks too for the wonderful tours. We hope to return soon. May God bless you in all your ventures.

Billy & Mary and Ray & Becky Columbia, SC

Thank you for the restful stay. You know how much I enjoyed the tour and conversation. I hope to see you soon and often.

Thank you so much for a lovely stay. The room was luxurious, and the home is a true delight. Thanks also for the extra time and attention. It is greatly appreciated. If I am ever in Lancaster County, or even close by, I'll return. You are an inspiration.

Sehr Sehr Sehr Viel Dank! Immer hassen wir wegzufahren, aber immer hoffen wir wiederzukommen bei kilburnie. Deines Haus ist so hubsch und lieblich. Unser zeit bei Kilburnie ist immer wunderbar und zu Kurz.

Justin & Andrea Conover, NC

Thank you for everything! We enjoyed your hospitality, beautiful Kilburnie, the food & much more! Dan & I enjoyed talking with you and touring Craig Farm. This weekend was exactly what we needed: Kilburnie is a beautiful and peaceful place. All of your time and hard work was worth it.

Dan & Tina Mount Pleasant, SC

We had a blast! Thanks for showing us the property - Kilburnie on Craig Farm - is a jewel in Lancaster County! We'll be back.

Beth & Dean Huntersville, NC

Thank you for a wonderful time. Both of my visits were incomparable. Your hospitality and friendliness makes for a warm, comfortable atmosphere and a wonderful, intimate experience. Thank you for sharing your dream and yourself with others. You are a special man - and Great cook!

Thank you for following your dreams and providing this beautiful inn to travelers and friends. You are truly a gracious, kind man and innkeeper. Thank you for your delicious breakfast and hospitality.

It was delightful meeting you and enjoying this lovely place. Hope to come back often. Thank you for all you've done to lovingly restore this home.

We greatly enjoyed the comforts and hospitality. Breakfast was truly amazing.

Travis & Misty West Valley City, Utah

There aren't enough words to tell you how much we enjoyed our stay! Everything - the room, the breakfast, the hospitality -was perfect! Hope to see you soon!

We have seldom been shown the kind of hospitality we found here. Thank you for a wonderful experience.

Thomas & Beverly Berwyn, IL

Thank you for a relaxing, rejuvenating visit. We felt transported to another world. We look forward to returning again!

Wendy & Mike Springfield, PA

We had a wonderful second, fun visit to Kilburnie! Andrea and I just love the respite of your charming B&B, and farm home! Thank you for extending your kindness. We look forward to sharing another wedding anniversary here in another year.

Kathleen & Andrew Charlotte, NC

It is difficult to express in words how much we truly enjoyed our stay here. You made you made us feel like we were part of your family from the moment we came here. The peace and tranquility here at Kilburnie has made an otherwise painful chapter in our lives more bearable. I know my mother would have loved it here. Thank you again from all of us - we will certainly return in happier times.

David, Paula, Stephen Summerville, SC

Your inn beautifully marries traditional & modern craftsmanship to create an amazing experience, and your fine service and cuisine are inspiring! We will definitely recommending Kilburnie to everyone we know. Thank you for helping make our weekend getaway together so memorable.

Thank you so much for our best bed & Breakfast experience. We enjoyed every aspect of your lovely B&B. Thanks also for the tour of Craig Farm House.

Thank you so much for your hospitality! The bed and breakfast looks incredible for the holidays! Thank you for sharing the history and art with Lancaster.

Your heritage may be European, but you are the truest Southern Gentleman I know. Your wonderful home exudes your warm personality. I thank you for sharing your home and yourself - we look forward to returning.

Joyce-Anne Palm Beach Gardens, FL

Thank you for such wonderful hospitality. You are the perfect host with an absolute perfect bed and breakfast. You and Kilburnie are such an asset to South Carolina. Have a great future here.

Janice . Lancaster, SC Dec. 2004

Thank you for a very enjoyable stay in your lovely inn. This was a very unique experience and a wonderful surprise! We hope to spend future anniversaries here and maybe "just because" getaways would be nice also. Everything was perfect!

Bill and Sarah . Waxhaw, NC Dec 2004

Thank you so very much for our stay in your fabulou0s home. The stories, the tour, and the education on the architecture and art works were most enjoyable and enlightening. We hope to be back soon with our MG group or by ourselves. Our friends will certainly hear about your home.

What a glorious two days & two nights we have had here at Kilburnie. it is just beautiful here! We enjoyed looking out the windows of our suite into the beautiful sunlit property and then at night at the fabulous full moon light. I thank our god for that, but we were so blessed by your servant spirit and gracious hospitality. we plan to tell others of this wonderful B&B and we'll be back ourselves. P.S. The breakfasts were very creative and delicious! The bed- very comfortable! Thanks for making us feel at home1

Bryan & Patty Dallas, Georgia.

Kilburnie is even better the second time! it feels like home away from home it is very elegant and special. of course Johannes has nothing to do with it!** We are looking forward to coming back over and over again.

Teresa & Robert Buffalo , NY Nov. 2004

Your Inn is a true treasure. Our brief stay here has been so peaceful and enjoyable. It's a pleasure to meet you and hear your fascinating stories. Julian and I look forward to our next visit, which will hopefully be longer.

Wanda & Julian Charleston, SC

Kilburnie is absolutely wonderful, but it would be only an Inn without your hospitality and your amazingly unique stories. You captured our hearts. We couldn't stop talking about your place, and your passion & enthusiasm is contagious. Thank you for sharing yourself, your home and your Inn with us. I can't wait to come visit you again!

Thank you for the wonderful hospitality and excellent accommodations. We enjoyed every minute of it. I walked in amazed & left infatuated. Thank you for making Lancaster and excellent place to visit.

Thanks for a wonderful time. We always enjoy it so much.

Dr. & Mrs. Timothy Charleston, SC

We will always remember the wonderful time we had in your beautiful Inn. The Area would not be as exciting without Kilburnie. Please never change any part it is perfect. Thank you so much. We hope you will visit us in Mississippi soon.

Words cannot express the wonderful time we have had. We will be back many times and will remember with fondness and smiles the short time we did have here. Thank you again,

Debbie K. & Stephen Bartlett, IL

Thank you for providing a wonderful place for myself and my new wife to share and combine our lives together in marriage. It was a perfect place for our special day and I thank you for making it stress free for us, We look forward to seeing you again.

I do want to express my appreciation for your gracious hospitality while Joy and I were in South Carolina. You may be a "true Dutchman", but you certainly have become the epitome of a southern gentleman and host. We both had a great time.

Wonderful place! We enjoyed the warm & pleasant stay. My life has been upgraded from "Good" to "Great" from my stay here. My wife and I enjoyed "Johannes" also you are a great host

Hugh Rock Hill, SC Oct 2004

What a beautiful backdrop for a classic retreat full of comfort, convenience, history and a most interesting and hospitable host!! My new husband and I loved the top floor suite and are already planning to return again. Thank you for being so gracious.

We will always remember our time here with you in this beautiful home, with your kind and gracious hospitality. It was exactly what we needed! Thank you so much, we'll be back

A wonderful retreat! This is "soul food". I have such a positive response to the area here - familiar - great grandparents lived their lives here and I feel rooted. What a gift to myself and my family. Thanks for your vision.

Thank you so much for making our first experience at a bed and breakfast together so memorable & relaxing. You were a a wonderful host. I'm sure we will be contacting you again in the near future. Best wishes

Tracy H. & Donnie Spartanburg, SC

As I sit here in my rocking chair on the back porch of Kilburnie, I cannot think of any words that would adequately express our thanks to you. Our stay has been one of peace and tranquility and most important one of welcome. Thank you for making us feel special. We hope to see you again

Thank you so much for making our stay and the wedding an incredible weekend. Your properties have been glorious settings and your attention to detail impeccable. Your hospitality, enthusiasm, and humor really made this special weekend extra special.

Thank you for making this weekend so wonderful. It was like being with family. Thank you for informing us we are "Dutch"

What a wonderful weekend we've had - spent with family and friends. You made it very special with your hospitality. Best Wishes!

Lorre & George Rochester, NY

Thank you very much for a week-end to remember always! You are a great host! We hope to be back in the future

Our wedding was so beautiful! I have seen some of the pictures and the backdrop of your house in the pictures was perfect! Thank you for everything you did to make our day special. I think everyone there was very impressed with the beautiful setting.

Michele & Edward Charlotte, NC

Wow! - what a beautiful place to be. This was a gift from my parents - a mini vacation - and we certainly enjoyed every minute of our stay. You are a great inn-keeper - wonderful hospitality and breakfast was fantastic. Let us know when you open your restaurant - we'll be there. Thanks for everything.

Brenda & Dave Charlotte, NC

Thank you for a perfect wedding. Yesterday was a memorable day for the guests, for our parents, and for us. We can't imagine a more beautiful place to start this new journey forward. The genuine hospitality, the rich history, the kindness of you and the staff - it was simply perfect. We also wanted to thank you for all the guidance, support, understanding and information you provided leading up to this weekend. We couldn't have done it without you and will always remember your generosity. We wish you all the best and hope to spend many weekends with you here at Kilburnie.

Many Thanks, Jamie & Karl, NC

This was such a perfect place to stay. The environment, the food, the history -it was all great!

Carla & Jessica Fort Collins, CO

What a splendid weekend, one we'll never forget. Everything was superb - what more can we say?

Edward & Joyce Pawleys Island, SC

We had a wonderful stay - not only because of the lovely accommodations but because of your warm welcome

Marc B & Mary-Lou Washington, DC

Thank you so much for making our stay at Kilburnie incredible. It was so nice to get away from our hectic schedules and actually be able to enjoy each other. We had a phenomenal time please let us know of any times that we may be able to have Kilburnie to ourselves and we will definitely be there!

Perfect! What more can be said. We love the house, the food, the area but most of all your hospitality. We have had wonderful experience with B&B's but so far yours is the very best. We look forward to returning.

Thank you so much for an absolutely incredible weekend. You made our honeymoon that much more special! You are definitely blessed with the wonderful gift of hospitality - thank you for sharing it with us.

Eric & Coleen Fredericksburg, PA

What a beautiful home! Thank you so much for making us feel at home and your hospitality. We will go back to GA and tell of our delightful stay!

David & Sheila Hartwell, GA

We arrived home in very good spirits thanks to you and Kilburnie. We had a wonderful stay. Judy and I talked about it all the way home. We have stayed in several B&B's and rate yours tops. Judy was particularly impressed with the cleanliness and the detailed thought you have put into every aspect of your business. Of course I was impressed with the food, atmosphere and story of Kilburnie, as well as the serenity. You have gone way beyond the normal and it shows very clearly. We enjoyed our stay immensely and will do our very best to return soon. Please keep me posted as to how things are progressing. Thank you again for making our stay a most memorable one.

Jeff . Charleston, SC

Thank you for your superb hospitality, patience & graciousness in sharing your lovely home with us and new family members. What a wonderful location for pre-wedding festivities.

Elaine & Terry Hilton Head Island, SC

I wanted to take a moment and thank you for the wonderful visit to Kilburnie and the Craig House. My sister has often spoken of the home, of you and most importantly the beauty in the combination of the two experienced by anyone blessed with a visit there. I have distributed the website to all my friends and co-workers in the hopes that they too will take the opportunity to visit and see the splendor you have so patiently provided.

A rare and unexpected treasure of restored & saved history presented with humble pride. Our stay here was the climax to this trip. Your hospitality overwhelmed us. Thank you so very much! See you again soon…

Michael & Kathryn V. Louisville, KY

Thank you so much for your kindness, graciousness, & wonderful hospitality. Everything here is absolutely perfect! You have definitely gone out of your way to make us feel welcome and at home! We could not have asked for a better place to spend our honeymoon! We will definitely be back! This is definitely a great place to relax, and take in the history! Thank you so much for everything! We appreciate your kindness! Thanks. Love,

Taylor & Stacy Hartsville, SC

Kilburnie bespeaks the finest quality through and through. It is truly an aesthetic and gastronomic experience. Johannes’ warm hospitality enhances it all. We want to come back.

Nancy & Rusty Ninety Six, SC

This repeat visit demands another! Your hosting is so special and Kilburnie is truly a peaceful & elegant retreat.

Dick & Marilyn Naples FL / Bridgeton, Maine

Hospitality, history, superb food, and a congenial host we couldn’t have asked for more. Thank you for a very memorable experience!! Continued success with your future plans.

An unexpected, wonderful respite! Thank you for the beautiful work and warm hospitality. We thoroughly enjoyed our time there.

Chris & Karen Cameroon, Africa

We had a fabulous visit at your home, we’d love to stay all summer, but California calls. We felt at home and can’t wait to return. Your home is lovely and is the “Best “ B&B we’ve ever visited, from Coast to Coast!! Come back to California for your vacation!

You are to be commended-. - What a lovely, quiet retreat – Couldn't be more delightful! Keep us in mind for next year. Thank you for your pleasant company and the tour.

You have created a wonderful retreat (with all details accounted for.) from this magnificent, astounding project – what vision! We wish we could stay longer…we will talk about Kilburnie back in Charleston, to our friends in need of a “Country Estate” getaway.

Mary Sue & Bob Charleston, NC

We’ve loved our stay here and look forward to coming back again. Your love for the area and in particular, this place, is so obvious and your many talents have blossomed. May God continue to bless you!

Thank you both again so much for your gracious hospitality at Kilburnie and Craig Farm. The experience was one of astonishment and wonder at the fantastic degree of the resurrection of Kilburnie and the beautiful additions to an already charming country home at Craig Farm. Both show tremendous dedication, skill, artistic vision and perseverance to the nth degree. You have preserved two fine examples of Upstate South Carolina historic homes and the beautiful land they are situated on, peaceful and serene, in a world that is not. We wish you greatest success in bringing many more people to the Lancaster area to enjoy the beauty and comfort of Kilburnie. Also it certainly was interesting and fun to talk Lancaster and family history. We will look forward to another visit in the future.

Caroline & Ted Hendersonville, NC

Thank you for keeping Southern Hospitality a true tradition. This was truly a fantastic experience – experiencing the 1800’s through your beautiful furnishings and the tour. You have saved a beautiful part of the past. Thank you.

How exiting to see such a wonderful home restored and preserved. Our stay was phenomenal – especially the guided tours! We will return

Ted, Carolyn, & Emily Spartanburg, SC

We’ve had a wonderful relaxing time….beautiful surroundings, gracious hospitality, marvelous food. What more could be desired? Thank you

Thank you so much for allowing us to use & enjoy your most beautiful surroundings. What a beautiful comfortable place this is. God bless you! Thank you.

Russell & Pearl Gainesville, FL.

We had such a relaxing and wonderful time in this perfect place. A great place to enjoy both the beauty inside and outside. As always we appreciate your care and hospitality: You are a gift, my friend.

What a wonderful place to step back into another time and leave the harried pace behind. We loved the house we loved the setting, the innkeeper. You shall see us again.

I would like to thank you again for the absolutely outstanding evening we experienced at Kilburnie. Our guests most certainly enjoyed themselves and raved about the celebration

I want to tell you how impressed both Mary and I are with your entire operation. From being met on the front porch, to the turning down of the bed, to the impeccable cleanliness, to the delectable breakfasts, to the amazing attention to detail. We cannot say enough. We have stayed at many places, and we have to say that Kilburnie and your hospitality are at the very top of our list. Next time we are in the area, we will surely stop in again. Continued success to you,

What’s to Come

We asked both Garyn and Lisa how they see the movement developing down the road, and there was one thing they agreed on: public demand is there. Lisa sees a place for cannabis lounges similar to cocktail bars, as well as infused restaurants. Garyn sees opportunities primarily in the health and wellness space, for individualized medicine and preventative care through cannabis. “I think that people want wellness centers that are also restaurants, ” he says, where people can order delicious, nutritious meals that include a specified amount of marijuana.

Garyn also sees the infrastructure continuing to be built out between states, so there’s less fragmentation and ambiguity. As legalization continues, he says, standard operating procedures from grower to grower and dispensary to dispensary will become more unified.

“We’ve made a lot of capital investments to prepare for pending legislation, and it’s difficult for companies to invest sizable dollars into something they may or may not be able to do,” he explains. “Paving the road is the most difficult thing in business. Once it’s paved, the next guy’s got it easy.”

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CDOT: Just Because C-470 Is Late Doesn't Mean Other Projects Will Be

More Than Twenty Fatal or Serious Denver Hit-and-Runs in 2019 So Far

Survey: I-70 Weekend Traffic Nightmares Keeping More People Away

Getting to this point has been a lengthy journey, as CDOT engineer and Burnham project manager Steve Sherman and CDOT communication director Matt Inzeo explain.

There's no debate that this particular portion of I-25 is in sorry shape, Sherman notes. "There's a lot of obsolete, 1950s-era infrastructure. There's just a whole lot of need, and it's been hanging out there for a long time."

Problem is, the space needed for expansion is severely limited because the highway is pinched between Union Pacific railroad tracks on one side and the South Platte River on the other, as seen in this CDOT photo-illustration.

At the start of the I-25 enhancement process, everything was on the table &mdash including even potentially moving the path of the river. That notion was eventually discarded as impracticable.

The 2006 EIS suggested several less extreme fixes, Sherman attests: "It said we could move the railroad 65 feet. That would give us enough space for full shoulders and maybe an improved ramp on Alameda. But we didn't love that solution, because it might not have given us the flexibility we needed. No one wanted to tackle the extreme cost or the questions about its apparent value &mdash but we thought 110 might be able to make it happen, so we kept thinking about it."

In the meantime, he reveals, "we considered two other alternatives that were also part of the 2006 EIS. One was realigning and splitting the corridor &mdash splitting the corridor from Sixth Avenue south, so the southbound lanes would go across the river on the other side of the South Platte and rejoin, maybe at Alameda. But that was a very costly and impactful alternative. We didn't love it, and it had been eliminated in the Valley Highway EIS as well. Because we were getting a little desperate, we also thought about putting in a multi-level highway, a viaduct. But that was something no one really wanted. It was highly expensive, highly complex, and it had also been eliminated in the 2006 study."

At that point, "we heard from RTD that they needed two additional tracks between Alameda and Sixth where they have a system bottleneck they have two tracks and they needed four. So we had that in the back of our minds when we started looking at how to solve this. At first, we thought, what would happen if we moved I-25 over there and rejoined it with the RTD track &mdash maybe do a mini-T-REX through that section? But that was a giant swath of real estate, and moving the highway closer to a lot of residences would be highly impactful and not something we liked at all. But then it occurred to us that the alternative would be to put the railroad tracks that are now parallel to I-25 between I-25 and Sixth and consolidate them with RTD's light-rail tracks."

This brainstorm, which struck earlier this year, after Prop 110's death, instantly appealed to the assorted stakeholders, Sherman recalls. "The original alternative was kind of a stinker, and we didn't really like the value it brought. But consolidating the light and heavy rail brings a lot of benefits, and the City of Denver, RTD and everyone who's looked at it thinks it makes a lot of sense. We haven't found any giant deal-breakers with it."


Cut to July, when, Inzeo says, "Union Pacific put out its RFP [Request for Proposal] on Burnham yard. We were thinking about how to move the rail lines, and suddenly, there's this big tract of land with rail lines. That gave us a lot of opportunities, from our perspective. So Colorado HPTE [High Performance Transportation Enterprise, a CDOT division] entered into an interagency agreement to carry the ball on a possible purchase agreement with Union Pacific, and at a recent transportation meeting, Union Pacific informed us that we're their preferred bidder." Hence "we entered into an exclusivity agreement with the railroad to continue those negotiations. The time frame is the end of the year or early next year for completion of a deal."

In Inzeo's view, there are plenty of tangible benefits to shifting the Union Pacific rail lines beyond simply giving CDOT more room to improve I-25, including the elimination of off-highway railroad crossings at Santa Fe Drive and Kalamath Street. "That line is the same one that cuts across Santa Fe right over by Stranahan's, and there are often slow-moving freight trains that can roll by all the time. The crossing there causes serious safety and mobility issues, whether you're a car trying to get by or someone who's walking or biking. And moving them also gives the railroad a more efficient track."

"By the estimates of the guys who sit out there, 24 trains a day, or one an hour, completely stop traffic at Santa Fe and Kalamath &mdash sometimes during rush hour, and sometimes with back-to-back trains that can completely hammer traffic," Sherman adds. "Removing those crossings is a huge win for this option, too. And moving the railroad tracks away from I-25 would also improve the South Platte River environmental trails &mdash connectivity to the river and to everything else."

Moreover, obtaining the parcel affords development possibilities beyond transportation. "We would use a significant piece of that land, but not all of it," Inzeo divulges, "and that presents additional opportunities for the land to be cleaned and developed. It has been a rail yard that was very physically separated from the neighboring streets. So this would let Denver get back in there and reconnect to it and allow for growth in what has been an abandoned site for the past few years."

Still, obstacles remain. For one thing, CDOT needs to locate funds with which to purchase Burnham yard, and while Inzeo believes "the Senate Bill 267 fund that the legislature provided to the department [back in 2017] could be a logical pathway there," nothing's guaranteed.

Then there's an analysis mandated by NEPA, the 1969 National Environmental Policy Act, which will determine whether CDOT and its various partners can actually begin implementing their preferred approach. According to Sherman, "The NEPA has to conclude it's the best possible alternative, so we're taking a little bit of a risk, in that there hasn't been the full decision yet. Burnham yard is an opportunity we can't pass up, but they still need to go through all the alternatives to make sure it would have the best possible outcome."

As such, CDOT has come up with a few ways to improve this slice of I-25, listed under the headings "Bring the Corridor to Standard" (upgrading lane widths, curves and merge distances), "Add Collector/Distributor Roads" (create routes parallel to the northbound and southbound interstate lanes to improve access to the local street network) and "Add Managed Lanes" (putting in either free or toll lanes).

On top of that, Sherman confirms, any redevelopment of the rail yard "would still have to go through the Denver planning process to reconnect the neighborhoods and also to determine what the future area would be." For example, "The engine shop could serve as a station for both heavy and light rail. It could be Union Station south."

Given all the moving parts, a two-year time frame is very tight, Sherman admits, "but it's possible." And after a decade-plus of delays and reversals, he's pleased that he can muster some optimism.

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Amsterdam – a pioneer in cannabis tourism

What comes to your mind when you think cannabis tourism? For many, it is likely Amsterdam.

Since the 1970s, the Netherlands has had a tolerance policy towards cannabis, called gedoogbeleid. While cannabis is still not legal, it is decriminalized, meaning police turn a blind eye to its use and shops selling it.

Since the legal acceptance of the drug, the country has become known for cannabis tourism. This is especially the case for the nation’s capital, Amsterdam, where you can buy cannabis, sit back, and have a smoke in one of its 173 coffeeshops, as long as you are at least 18 years old.

The Netherlands’ acceptance of cannabis, along with prostitution, has given the country the reputation of being the Las Vegas of Europe of sorts, with the epicenter of it all being Amsterdam’s Red Light District, where most of the city’s coffeeshops are located.

The sinful allure has clearly paid off for the country, with the number of visitors rising 60 per cent in the last decade. 20 million tourists visited Amsterdam in 2017 alone, helped by low cost flights, cheap accommodation and the ease of travel between European countries.

Since Amsterdam has grown its cannabis tourism industry significantly, it is a good place to look for lessons on its benefits and pitfalls.

While cannabis tourism has clearly been a big success for the country, it does show there are dark sides to it. Amsterdam has played around with its laws over the years to curb the dangers of tourists going haywire on cannabis in the city.

Coffeeshops in the country are not allowed to buy cannabis themselves, so instead use third party buyers who source the cannabis and bring in less than 500 grams at a time to not attract authorities. It is called the “Back Door Policy.”

Coffeeshops are also only allowed to sell up to five grams at a time to an individual.

In 2012, the Netherlands introduced the “weed-pass,” which only allowed residents to buy cannabis legally from coffeeshops in the country, closing off tourists. While many Dutch cities took up this policy, especially ones around the border that complained of alleged drug trafficking, Amsterdam rejected the policy due to concern it would hamper its tourism industry, and kept its shops open to visitors.

In 2017, new legislation made it illegal for coffeeshops to be open within 250 metres of a school, resulting in the closure of 29 coffeeshops, including Mellow Yellow, the oldest coffeeshop in the world at 50 years old. Rotterdam had already enacted the same policy in 2010.

The new law was part of a compromise to prevent the “weed-pass” system from being implemented in Amsterdam, after it had already been enforced in other Dutch cities.

Other Dutch cities are taking steps to reign in the country’s loose cannabis laws. Earlier in 2018, the Hague became the first Dutch city to outlaw smoking cannabis in the city centre after complaints from residents about noise, odour and the increased strength of cannabis over the years. Those caught in the 13 designated public places where the drug is now banned will be subject to a fine.

The number of coffeeshops in Amsterdam has actually fallen over the years, from 350 in 1995 to just 173. A “no growth” policy has meant the ones that closed have not been replaced because no new licenses are being handed out.

Clearly, while cannabis tourism has been a success for the Netherlands, it shows that some restraints might be necessary for safety and the public good.

Schuylkill River Trail 2009 User Survey and Economic Impact Analysis

Rails to Trails Conservancy

  • The Schuylkill River Trail is a multi-use pathway that generally follows the course of the Schuylkill River from Pottsville to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The trail is composed of rail-trail and canal towpath sections and a small number of connectors that utilize shared roads. There are an estimated 802,239 annual trail users.
  • Seventy eight percent of respondents to a 2007 trail use survey purchased hard goods (bikes, bike accessories, clothing, etc.) in the past year in conjunction with their use of the trail. The average expenditures on hard goods were $406.31.
  • Fifty percent of the survey respondents purchased soft goods (water, soda, candy, ice cream, lunches, etc.) in conjunction with their most recent trail visit. Of those who made a purchase, the average amount per person per trip was $9.07.

Colorado's marijuana tourism business is about to get a boost

On November 15th, the nation's most pot-friendly city passed Initiative 300, a first-of-its-kind measure that will allow businesses to apply for permits that grant marijuana "consumption areas" onsite.

The bill clears a path for people to smoke in Denver coffee shops, restaurants, bars, and even yoga studios with special permitting.

No one is more excited than the city's marijuana-focused hospitality groups, which offer lodging, dispensary and farm tours, and classes for open-minded out-of-staters. As more states hop on the legalization bandwagon, industry experts tell Business Insider they expect Colorado's canna-tourism revenue to dip. Initiative 300 could breathe new life into the space.

Recreational marijuana has been legal in Colorado since 2012. Until now, public use of marijuana has been banned by state law. Tourists could buy pot, but had few places to smoke it.

"Whether people like it or not, cannabis is a huge draw for tourists and there was no safe place to consume cannabis," said Truman Bradley, founder of Denver dispensary chain Southwest Alternative Care and CEO of a newly launched canna-tourism group, Seed & Smith.

"Most hotels don't want it. You can't consume it in public. So what are people going to do?" Bradley told Business Insider. "[Initiative] 300 walks the line of providing a safe place to do that, but also making sure the neighborhood organizations get a say in what's happening in their communities."

The canna-tourism industry has taken hold since legalization in 2012. Tourists dropped an estimated $100 million at recreational marijuana stores in Colorado last year. Visiting smokers made up nearly 17% of non-medical sales in the state, the Marijuana Business Daily reports.

Web searches for "marijuana tourism" has steadily increased in the US over the last 10 years, with two major spikes in traffic: in November 2012, when Colorado and Washington became the first in the nation to legalize recreational marijuana, and in January 2014, when the first non-medical dispensaries set up shop in Colorado.

Joel Schneider, a former attorney, came to Colorado in 2014 with the intention of opening a marijuana business that didn't involve growing or selling the plant. He toured radio stations, a glass-blowing factory, and media companies in search of inspiration. At night, he stood in his hotel bathroom blowing marijuana smoke into the toilet bowl to hide the smell.

It was an "ah-ha" moment for the budding entrepreneur, who wondered why he had to be so discreet in a state where marijuana is legal. Later that year, he opened a pot-friendly inn, Bud+Breakfast. While Schneider does not have a license to serve weed, he offers private spaces to consume it. There's a "wake and bake" breakfast and a "420 happy hour."

Schneider says business has plateaued since 2014, when tourists were clamoring to make reservations. The inn runs at about 75% capacity. The number of states where pot is fully legal doubled on Election Day, which Schneider worries could put a damper on tourism.

"With Nevada, California, Maine, and Massachusetts [legalizing recreational marijuana], you're going to have a lot of people on the East Coast staying on the East Coast," he said .

Industry experts hope Initiative 300 will further entice canna-tourists to make the trip.

Chris Walsh, the founding editor of the Marijuana Business Daily, says Initiative 300 might help set Denver apart among the growing number of recreational markets.

"The industry in Colorado doesn't need a second wind. Recreational sales are booming," Walsh told Business Insider. "But I think with the new recreational markets that are going to come online in the coming years after the election, there's a lot of worry that . 'What is this going to mean? Will Colorado sales kind of stagnate?' This could ease some of those fears."

Initiative 300 lets businesses (separate from the private cannabis clubs that have cropped up) create a designated weed zone, The Denver Post reported. The measure requires the owner gets permission from a local neighborhood or business group to receive a permit.

Business Insider put in calls to about half a dozen bars and restaurants in Denver since the vote was announced, to find out if they would consider creating a marijuana consumption area. Most general managers and marketing representatives said they had no immediate plans.

Jeff Greenswag, the director of operations at Denver's Trichome Institute — a marijuana trade school — expects Initiative 300 might give birth to a new type of business model, wherein music venues, art galleries, and even bowling alleys partner with neighboring dispensaries to supply pot. They then avoid the headache of applying for an extra permit to sell.

There are significant hurdles for a business to take action on Initiative 300, according to Greenswag. It has to create a designated space that is hidden from the public and from customers outside the consumption area. Getting the community's blessing will also take time.

Until then, "it's a BYOC thing, bring-your-own-cannabis," Greenswag said.

Advocates in Denver, Home to Legal Marijuana, Seek Public Place to Smoke

DENVER — Whether bought from a downtown shop or cadged from a friend’s basement greenhouse, legal marijuana is easy to find in Colorado. Places to smoke it, not so much.

Smoking in private homes and on front porches is allowed. But under a thicket of state, local and private regulations, marijuana use here, in a state at the forefront of legalization, is banned from parks and sidewalks, airport smoking areas, hotel rooms, gallery events, nightclubs and nearly every other corner of public life. Smoking in public is regularly ticketed, and this spring, the Denver police raided two private, marijuana-friendly clubs and handed out citations.

But in the latest battle over legalizing marijuana, advocates are seeking to allow legal pot use to tiptoe ever so slightly into public, into establishments like bars or clubs that cater to over-21 crowds. Supporters are calling it “limited social cannabis use.”

In Denver, some of the advocates behind the 2012 vote that made Colorado, with Washington State, the first in the nation to legalize the sale and use of recreational marijuana, are now pushing to relax rules that they say have restricted marijuana use to a tiny number of appropriate places. Advocates say that the restrictions on use are too onerous and that they have created a paradoxical landscape where consumers, tourists in particular, are illegally consuming their legally bought marijuana in cars and alleys or on hotel balconies because there is nowhere else to use it.

Amendment 64, the voter-approved constitutional measure that legalized recreational marijuana, outlaws marijuana that is consumed “openly and publicly or in a manner that endangers others.” Beyond that, cities and counties around Colorado have wide latitude to decide whether they want marijuana shops or growers in their boundaries.

“We need to ensure that adults have somewhere they can go,” said Mason Tvert, an activist who helped lead the legalization fight three years ago. “We have establishments where adults can go to drink beer, which reduces the likelihood that they’ll use it in public. That’s what we’re talking about here.”

Some in the marijuana industry favor members-only smoking clubs or Amsterdam-style “coffee shops” for marijuana users. Others envision a future in which people could vaporize marijuana or consume edibles at a downtown bar on Saturday nights as freely as someone sipping a martini. Or instead of uncorking red wine at pottery-painting parties, people could sample the latest cultivation of Purple Trainwreck.

“This is the next step,” said Jane West, who organizes marijuana-themed events, including a “Classically Cannabis” evening with the Colorado Symphony Orchestra. “We need to bring it out of the basement.”


Marijuana advocates have proposed a Denver ballot measure for November that would allow some marijuana consumption in city establishments that cater exclusively to customers over 21.

Supporters submitted more than 10,500 petition signatures to put the question to voters. But they have also been talking with city officials and business groups in the hope of drafting local legislation for limited marijuana use, a measure that would lead them to withdraw the ballot effort and forgo their push for a citywide vote. On Wednesday, organizers of the social-use campaign said those discussions were going well.

The ballot proposal to allow the social use of marijuana at some bars or nightclubs drew passionate responses across the city. Some restaurant owners and event planners said they would love to host marijuana-friendly dinner parties or galas, but the Colorado Restaurant Association is “adamantly against” the idea, said a spokeswoman for the group, Carolyn Livingston.

Businesses said they worried about their legal liability and insurance risks if they allowed patrons to use marijuana on a back patio or at the bar. Could they risk losing their insurance by welcoming a federally prohibited drug? How would they train waiters or bartenders to cut people off, or learn about the interactions between alcohol and potent strains of marijuana? What happens when a parking valet encounters a patron who has been inhaling marijuana vapor all night?

“We do not support this in any way, shape or form,” Ms. Livingston said.

Marijuana advocates said the effort would not allow outright public use. Their proposals would prohibit smoking marijuana indoors or anywhere else where cigarettes are now outlawed. They said social use would be restricted to businesses that serve only adults and are tucked away from public view.

But Gina Carbone, an activist who has been working to keep marijuana away from children, said Colorado had approved recreational marijuana in part because of promises that marijuana use would happen in private. She said allowing it in bars or clubs unwound part of that promise.

“It’s just going to increase visibility and further normalize pot use,” Ms. Carbone said. “And this is just not good for kids.”

If there is one constituency that eagerly supports more places to legally and comfortably use marijuana, it is the crowd at the private fenced patio at the Bud & Breakfast of Denver, one of a handful of marijuana-friendly accommodations across the state. A retiree from Texas and her husband and adult daughter were sitting under a sun shade and marveling at how surreal it felt to buy marijuana, and then smoke it, with no worries about the police barging in. The setup at the bed-and-breakfast is bring-your-own. The owner, Joel Schneider, said he used to offer small free samples at a “bud bar” until he got a misdemeanor citation from an undercover officer. But for $300 to $400 a night, guests get a hearty breakfast (called the Wake and Bake), a 4:20 afternoon tea, access to shelves of bongs and vaporizers, and plenty of space to chat and smoke.

“We try to create a social atmosphere,” Mr. Schneider said, as his guests mingled on the patio and lit up. “Everyone who stays here has something in common: They want to sit around and smoke cannabis.”