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Packages with telemea cooked on the stove

Packages with telemea cooked on the stove

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from the ingredients for the dough we form an elastic crust, which we leave to rise until it doubles in volume.

separately mix the ingredients for the cheese mixture.

after the dough has risen, we break pieces of the dough, which we spread on a board if they can be square.

in the middle we add 2 tablespoons of the cheese composition and then we join the ends, 2 by 2, forming a package which we then spread on top a little with a twister.

put on the stove a baking tray of peppers that heats well.

after the tray has warmed up, place the package and let it bake on low heat on the stove, taking care to turn it several times to bake well and not to burn.

serve hot with whipped milk!

Preparation for Turkish salted cheese pie

Count the sheets in the package, to see how many sheets there are and to divide the cheese into equal parts for each sheet.

Spread a sheet on the table, sprinkle with grated cheese, then quickly squeeze with your fingers, like a fan. It doesn't roll, it just tightens. See better the procedure in video recipe below.

Place each fan in the tray, do the same with all the sheets. The tray must be oiled first.

Make a sauce from eggs, milk and oil, pour over the pie and you're done, that's all. Simple and without a lot of work, without a lot of washing dishes.


Cut the eggplant lengthwise and remove the pulp from the middle, leaving only the outside to form a boat.

In a frying pan, heat the olive oil and cook the diced eggplant core together with the onion and red pepper until they soften, and at the end add the garlic and half of the canned tomatoes and let everything cook for 5 -10 min.

Add salt, pepper and dried basil and leave for 2 minutes on the fire.

Put the preparation in the eggplant boat shapes, and sprinkle the cow's milk on top and put it in the oven for 25 minutes at 180˚C.

Serve with tomato sauce prepared from the rest of the preserve, 1 clove of garlic and 3 basil leaves, pepper salt to taste, all these are put in the blender until they become a paste, and for the white sauce we mix yogurt with salt, pepper and juice. the lemon.

It can be served with basmati rice. Enjoy!

How do we prepare Danube mackerel?

Although I'm dizzy at the age of six, to my shame, I haven't tested it yet Danube mackerel. Today I had a double challenge: to cook it and eat it. On the eating side I am an expert, on the cooking side I needed directions, which I took from here and here.

What do you need?

  • four mackerel, fresh or frozen
  • four tablespoons coarse salt (one per mackerel)
  • 1-2 tablespoons extra-virgin olive oil
  • 400 - 500 mL white wine, sec.

For brine:

  • two fat red peppers
  • 3-4 tomatoes, well cooked
  • a clove of garlic (cleaned and passed through the press, or well beaten in a mortar)
  • ½ hot peppers (no seeds, no ribs)
  • a sprig of green thyme (or a teaspoon of dried thyme).

For decoration:

How do you proceed?

If you have fresh mackerel, gut it and wash it with guinea fowl.

If you have frozen mackerel, leave them in the fridge until evening to thaw naturally, then wash them as above.

With a well-sharpened knife, cut the eviscerated asparagus (double-sided) at a distance of about 5 mm, at a depth of no more than 2-3 mm.

Add plenty of coarse salt, then drown the asparagus in dry / semi-dry white wine. Cover the bowl with cling film and let it cool for at least two to three hours (ideally about four).

While the mackerel is marinating, take care of the fires. You need a hot plate (on which you cook the vegetables and put the polenta) and a grill on which to fry the mackerel.

When the stove has warmed up well, toss the tomatoes and bell peppers on it. Don't forget to rotate them so that they bake evenly on all sides. Remove them as they brown, then toss them in a bowl where you sprinkle them with salt, then clean (manually) the skins.

Finely chop the peeled vegetables and boil them, together with the juice left in a saucepan, next to the polenta in progress. Meanwhile, peel the garlic and press it. At the same time, finely chop some parsley.

Once the grill is heated, take the embers and move it completely to the right, as you will be frying the ashes on the left. On low heat, 12-15 minutes on the obverse and 8-10 minutes on the reverse.

It is essential to cook / fry the asparagus over low heat.

While the asparagus is cooking, add the hot pepper (which you remove after boiling), then the thyme, then the finely chopped garlic (it is advisable to add the garlic after removing the brine from the heat). A few leaves of parsley / coriander / hashmatuchi will complete the brine.

Remove the ashes from the grill, pour the brine over them, put a glass of wine next to it (we had a rosé of Purcari) and enjoy!

Hot buns with peppers and ripe eggplant

Wash the peppers well, wipe with a clean cloth. The same is done with eggplant. Place on a hot plate, bake on all sides. Then they are put in cold water, they are taken out and the skins of the peppers are cleaned, their tails are cut, their stalks and seeds are removed. Peel the eggplant. Peeled tomatoes, baked peppers, eggplant, all cut into small pieces. Heat the oil in a saucepan of the right size, pour in the tomatoes, peppers, eggplant and simmer over low heat until the juice is completely reduced. Then finely chop the garlic, add to the vegetables, add salt, pepper and lemon juice. The buns are split in half (do not cut in half), remove part of the core (as much as possible) and, instead, put the mixture of peppers, eggplant and tomatoes inside. Put in the oven and leave for 5 minutes. Serve hot. They can also be used as a dish.

Cookbook for fasting days by Mother Lucia Nedelea, Gemma Press

Stuffed and ripe apples

Ripe apples accompanied me in the long winters of my childhood. The winters in Suceava are long and with a lot of snow, but they are also full of story, the smell of pumpkin seeds cooked on the stove, scribbles, apple and cheese pies, and for children they are full of joy and lack of worries.

Baked apples, or rather in the roll, were indispensable. My mother thinks she did it at least once a week. And now I remember the red tray in which he baked them, sprinkled a little sugar and the dessert was ready, simple and healthy.

Today I rewrote the story of ripe apples (at the request of Horia, my boy) and gave it a more fragrant look and a Sunday outfit. And then I thought it was worth taking to the parade this month at Provocare & # 8221Dulce Romania & # 8221, the parade held this month by a blog full of color and taste

See how simple it is.

& # 8211 a handful of lightly browned nuts

& # 8211 1 tablespoon raisins

& # 8211 2-3 dates or dried apricots

& # 8211 5 teaspoons cherry jam

& # 8211 optional 5 teaspoons mascarpone or whipped cream

Washed and wiped apples are hollowed out enough to fit about a tablespoon of filling.

Grease a yena pan with butter and place the apples. They are filled with nuts, raisins, dates (cut) and dried apricots. Press lightly by hand and on top we add to each apple a teaspoon of cherry jam.

Put a teaspoon of butter over the jam, sprinkle with brown sugar and cinnamon.

Bake the apples for about 20 minutes at 170 degrees. They should be soft but not wrinkled.

150 g fatty cheese (cow or sheep)

Bake the eggplants, drain covered until cool enough to be cleaned. After the eggplants have been cleaned, chop them. Chop the onion and parsley, you can add a clove of garlic. Beat the eggs like an omelet. Mix the chopped eggplant, onion, parsley, crushed cheese and eggs. Mix until the composition becomes homogeneous. Place the obtained mixture in an oiled pan. With sliced ​​tomatoes, decorate the composition. Bake for about 40 minutes on medium heat. At the end, grate the cheese over the composition and leave it in the oven for another 10 minutes. Eggplants with telemea in the oven can be eaten cold for breakfast. Good appetite!

Wash the eggplant, cut into slices about 2 cm thick

sprinkle with salt and allow to drain well between two

planks, with a weight on top.

Heat the oil, cook the onion, finely chopped, add the tomatoes, peeled and sliced, crushed garlic, bay leaf, thyme, sugar, salt and pepper.

Simmer for half an hour, until it becomes thick, leave to cool, then pass through a sieve. Separately, fry the eggplant in oil on both sides

well drained and given through flour.

Pour a few tablespoons of sauce into a heat-resistant dish, place a few thin slices of telemea, over which put a layer of eggplant, then again sauce, telemea, eggplant, etc.

Place the grated telemea on top, mixed with breadcrumbs.

Sprinkle with melted butter. Put the bowl in the oven and leave until the cheese is lightly browned.
Good appetite!

Baked Eggplants, Preserved For Winter

Choose suitable eggplants in size, black, glossy and a little soft to the touch, towards the tail (it means that they are well cooked). Wash them and wipe them. Bake them on the hob or on a board placed directly on the flame of the stove.

Or do as I do: prick them in several places with a thick sewing needle, otherwise they tend to explode. Put them in an enameled tray and put them in the middle of the oven, on the right heat, always turning them until they are cooked.

Let them cool a bit, then clean them and drain and cool them in a strainer. Portion them in freezer bags and remove as much air from the bag as possible. If you have a vacuum cleaner and sealed bags, do not hesitate to use it. Labeled.

Store in the freezer where they can be stored for up to 12 months. Thus preserved, eggplant can be used to prepare eggplant salad in winter, thawing in the refrigerator.

You are probably wondering, why do I prepare eggplants for the winter in the oven, baked, instead of frying them, the latter having a maybe better taste.

The answer was given by specialized people, after years of research, namely: baked eggplant is healthier than fried eggplant. Nothing new so far!

By frying, toxic and carcinogenic substances develop in eggplants.
These findings were published in the European Journal of Prosthodontics and Restorative Dentistry, which also mentions that fried eggplant attacks tooth enamel, favoring cavities. Consequently, from this point of view, I took measures - bake the eggplant!

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